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October 2022

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.”
– Isaiah 40:28

Financial Update

We thank the Lord for the marvelous things He continues to do in Turkanaland, Kenya and Toposaland, South Sudan. This bulletin is one of many that we have sent out to you throughout the year. What you have read is a testimony of God’s eternal faithfulness to one of His numerous promises to His people, that “Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them” (Psalm 126:6). Sowing the seed of God’s Word in the hearts of many in remote villages in Turkanaland and Toposaland has not been easy. Yet throughout the year, again and again, the servants of the Lord that you support have continued to “bring in the sheaves” – thousands of souls that now confess Christ as Savior! And while we rejoice over the precious souls now in the sheepfold, the call still remains for us to “open (our) eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest” (John 4:35). So, as long as the fields remain “white”, SHARE will not relent; we will continue to plant and harvest, even as the Lord allows you, our supporter, to provide the means to do so.

In the September SEED bulletin, I requested you to provide the means – the $400,000 balance needed to meet this year’s ministry budget before I embark on the important ministry trip to Turkanaland in December to work with the SHARE staff and missionaries to establish a robust strategy that will enhance finishing the outreach task in Turkanaland within the next 5 years. The Lord is moving HIs people to meet that need. As of mid-October, the Lord provided $156,193! Thank You So MUCH! I look forward to heading to Turkanaland in December knowing that the Lord will have provided the remaining $243,807 before then. I am confident He will provide “A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over” (Luke 6:38) as we all release the financial resources that He has placed at our disposal towards fulfilling His eternal and primary purpose here on earth – “to seek and save the lost” (Matthew 18:11).

You can donate by mail to the address shown below or online by clicking the ‘Click to Donate’ button below.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

– Sammy


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!

Following a prior visit with a “person of peace” (Luke 10:5,6) in Kaatiir Village (90 miles from Lodwar) in Katapakin Zone by a team of SHARE staff, a second team returned to the village in September to plant a church. Three area evangelists assisted in the endeavor. The team carried out homestead-to-homestead evangelism in the village and screened The Jesus Film. They did the same in other surrounding villages where they received a positive reception. Results:

The team also spent time doing gender- and age-group DMM Ministry teachings in Kaatiir. Results:

A total of 84 villagers attended the very first church service in Kaatiir, with 56 accepting Christ as Savior and baptized! Evangelist Simon Lobei will be the under-shepherd of this new flock. Ten of the new Christians have indicated a desire to become Lighthouse Champions. A total of 50 Audio Bibles were handed out to the new believers.

The villagers expressed gratitude to the team for spending time with them, teaching them what God’s Word says and the difference He can make in their lives.

Altogether, Katapakin Zone has 13 Motivators and 5 Evangelists that are responsible for 3,747 believers in the 45 churches. SHARE has now reached all the villages in Katapakin Zone with the Gospel!

    Click on the video below to hear how God changed the lives of these two young men in Kaatiir Village.
Staffer Simon Akuta leads devotional at the staff campsite in Kaatiir Village
Screening of The Jesus Film in Kangirisea Village
Motivator Michael Silale preaching during the open-air meeting in Kaatiir Village
Staffer Simon Akuta praying for a resident during homestead-to-homestead evangelism
Video: Planting a Church – How Do We Do It?

Since SHARE began its ministry of sharing the Gospel with the Turkana people in 1997, believers have continually multiplied, especially among women! Over 19,000 women in Turkanaland have put their faith in Christ as Savior since 1997. More than 1,400 of them are involved in a Lighthouse, with 269 serving as Champions. God continues to use women believers to reach the remaining unreached Turkana people.

Staffer Ann Karimojong sharing the Gospel with women of Kaatiir Village

Ann Karimojong with Women Champions holding their Audio Bibles they received from SHARE

The Gospel continues to spread among the Toposa people of South Sudan through the SHARE missionaries. In September, the missionaries shared the Gospel in 32 villages, where 82 adults put their faith in Christ as Savior, and 44 believers were baptized. A total of 50 believers have indicated a desire to become Champions; they are committed to sharing their faith with others. The missionaries are visiting and teaching/training these Champions the DMM methodology every week using the Audio Bibles, praying that they will become bolder and more confident in sharing God’s Story and their own faith with others. A total of 52 Audio Bibles, and 11 DMM signage bookmarks were distributed in September.
    The Jesus Film was screened in three villages in September as well, with over 500 people in attendance. A total of 17 villagers gave their lives to Christ and were baptized in the small pools of water that formed after the rain.
    Multiple cultural festivities remain a challenge in reaching the Champions in a timely manner as they travel to attend the events. While the rainy season is a blessing, it can also be a barrier when it makes traveling hazardous and causes increase in malaria. Another added concern is insecurity for the missionaries as they travel to the interior villages. Consumption of illicit drugs, alcohol, and chewing tobacco is still prevalent.

A proposed Champion sharing God’s story using the DMM signage bookmark

Group photo of all those baptized in Moru-angilimo Villagey

“Man of peace” using a SHARE DMM T-shirt to share God’s Story with the villagers

Construction of the third Sending Center has been completed; this one in Nakoros Village in Kalobeyei Zone! The villagers are very excited to have this permanent structure in the area. Very soon their children will be able to attend school and be taught the DMM methodology at this Center. Construction of the fourth Sending Center will begin in Wapet Village, same zone, by the end of this month.

(The completed Sending Centers are marked in red.)

Families checking out the new Sending Center in Nakoros

SHARE Director, Dalmas Esekon, and villagers in Wapet Village at the site for the 4th Sending Center


  • The church plant in Kaatiir Village, Katapakin Zone and for all those that came to Christ
  • Donors providing the necessary tools to reach the Toposa people
  • Rains in Toposaland, bring enough water to do baptisms!
  • Openness that the Toposa people have to the SHARE Missionaries
  • Completion of construction of the Sending Center in Nakoros Village
  • Good health for all the SHARE Staff and Motivators/Missionaries


  • Simon Lobei as he leads the new Body of Christ in Kaatiir Village
  • All the Motivators/Missionaries and Evangelists shepherding the many churches in Turkanaland and Toposaland
  • Champions in Turkanaland and Toposaland to establish solid DMM Lighthouses
  • Good health in Toposaland, as there are no health facilities nearby
  • Deliverance for those addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Establishment of more Adult Literacy Classes and Early Childhood Schools in Turkanaland and Toposaland
  • Stoppage of kidnapping of young girls in Toposa along the South Sudan-Ethiopian border
  • Moderate rainfall in Turkanaland to eradicate prevalent drought and famine, which is forcing families to migrate away from their home churches/Lighthouses
  • Peace between the Turkana and the Pokot tribes along the Kalemng’orok and Lokori Zones’ borders
  • Discernment and guidance regarding expanding outreach to the largely unreached Nyang’atom people of Ethiopia
  • Success in the church-planting survey and outreach planned for Nayada Zone in late October
Culture is passed down orally through songs, dance, music, poems, and folklore.



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