1Q 2021 – Note from Sammy

Despite the devastating physical, social, economic, and spiritual impact of restrictions caused by COVID the past 12 months around the globe, SHARE has witnessed rapid traction in the Disciple-Making Movement….

Leadership Handoff

I am not retiring! Here are a few tasks that I believe the Lord wants me to do going forward:

  1. Continue with fundraising for Share International stateside and Kenya.
  2. Facilitate inauguration of the newly-formed SHARE Society….

3Q 2020 – Note from Sammy

We stand amazed at the marvelous acts of God in Turkanaland, even in the midst of the COVID pandemic. This 3Q report demonstrates the impact of your prayers and support….

The Momentum is On!

As we all continue to call upon the Lord in earnest for mercy and physical healing, and purging of the COVID pandemic, we are also witnessing amazing spiritual awakening and healing taking place in hidden pockets in Turkanaland….

2Q 2020 – Note from Sammy

Planning and executing the annual Short-Term Outreach & Relief Mission (STORM) this time of the year has been routine for many years. However, God has directed our steps differently this year (Prov. 16:9)….

1Q 2020 – Note from Sammy

Like presumably most people, this has been a soul-searching season for me. We all stay busy in our regular and normal life routines – wake up, devotional/prayer, perhaps workout, get ready, have breakfast, commute to work….