Bible Pathways (BP) is a 9-session, 3-year curriculum developed by Alan Lewis of Evangelical Free Church of America’s (EFCA) mission arm – Reachglobal. SHARE implemented the curriculum among the Turkana pastors and missionaries of Kenya with the primary purpose of training them in expository preaching. The ultimate goal is that local churches will thrive under compelling sermons based on the solid foundation of the text and structure of the Word. That will result in believers who are confident and well-versed in the Truth, as they are fed through their shepherds.

Throughout the program, 2 Tim 2:2 is heavily taught – that the students need to be teaching other pastors the BP material, so sound expository preaching can be self-multiplying and self-sustaining throughout the churches being planted in Turkana, and beyond. The pastors/missionaries are training other pastors and missionaries, and even elders, in their respective home churches in remote villages.

The first class of 14 Turkana pastors/missionaries graduated in November 2017, and another class of 46 graduated in December 2018. The most recent class was held in March 2021 with 18 participants. Together, those participants vowed to train 80 other church leaders within their churches on the BP methodology. They requested more BP manuals to share with those they train.

What are these trained missionaries doing now?

See updates from each missionary as they share the Gospel in the villages as they were trained to do!