Since 1997, SHARE has reached 678 villages with the Gospel, planted 503 churches throughout Turkanaland, witnessed over 92,000 Turkana people give their lives to Christ, and baptized 14,747. Since the Disciple-Making Movement launched in January 2020, 555 DMM cell-groups (or “Lighthouses”) have been established throughout the SHARE-planted churches in Turkanaland, and the number of disciple-makers continues to multiply!

In the villages that SHARE ministers to there are individual ministries for each stage of life where the people can continue to grow spiritually and learn how to disciple others.

Men's Ministry

Learn more about the Turkana Men and how, through Share, the Lord has impacted their lives and in return, the lives of their families.

Women's Ministry

Learn more about the Turkana Women and how their lives have been changed with Christ.

Children's Ministry

As the Kingdom spreads, Share’s ministry to children will inspire growth and spread of Christian faith for generations to come.

Young Men's Ministry

Discover how Share brings the Gospel to the young men and how it impacts their lives as they grow into strong Godly men.

Young Women's Ministry

Discover how the young Turkana girls have been served as Share spreads the Gospel and the Lord draws them closer to Him.



Become a part of what the Lord is doing through these specific ministries by donating towards the ministry of your choice.