Toposa Outreach Update – April 2024

 In Toposa Outreach Updates

The Toposa Missionary Team and Toposa Champions continue to diligently share the Good News with the Toposa people. Within the first two weeks in April, they shared the Gospel in 34 new villages and revisited 42 villages, with 75 people accepting Christ as Savior!

The Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) is very effective among the Toposa people. To date, 99 trained Champions are discipling over 900 believers in 67 villages! They are using the solar-powered Audio Bibles, DMM Bookmarks, and hard-copy Bibles. This month they distributed 60 Audio Bibles, 26 DMM Bookmarks, and 6 hard-copy Bibles to believers!

Some of the missionaries traveled home to Turkanaland on April 15th for a 30-day furlough to spend time with their families and rest. They are now back in Toposaland.

Missionary Philip Ikaale Lokwamong having a time of prayer with a Lighthouse

This Lighthouse will soon become a full-fledged church!

Motorbikes have been a great tool for the Toposa Missionary Team, enabling outreach in more and more villages

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!

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