Young Men’s Ministry

Boys learn to be shepherds at an early age in Turkana. By the age of 10, they may be sent out on their own to shepherd the family’s goats. Due to this early working age, many young men have only had a couple years of education and may not even be able to read.

Abraham Erika’s Story

The Young Men’s Ministry in Kekoroe-akwan Village, Lorugum Block, is going well. We young men were once people who lived a life full of sin. Our lives used to be unpleasant. We would steal, quarrel, and abuse the elderly. After SHARE taught us the Gospel of salvation, we gave our lives to Christ. We were made new. Now we have become holy and living sacrifices.

We are immensely grateful to the people from SHARE who led us to Christ and continue to disciple us. Many other people in my village have now joined the church, including children, young women, and older men and women.

The Young Men’s Ministry enables boys to become strong Godly men.

It’s because of your prayers and financial support that ministries like these are possible. It costs $2,000 to reach a remote village with the Good News of Christ and plant a church. Please consider partnering with us to reach the remaining 235 targeted unreached villages in the shortest time possible.