SHARE partners and associates with ministries and organizations that focus on a common objective of fulfilling and/or complementing the SHARE mission.


Currently, SHARE is partnering with:

  • Children of the Kingdom
  • Biglife
  • Tyndale House Foundation
  • International Cooperating Ministries
  • Trailhead International Builders
  • Covenant Church of Naples
  • World Mission
  • The Timothy Initiative
  • Various Supporting Churches
  • Individuals like you!


Children of the Kingdom partners with Share to serve children and their families in Kenya. COK has served the Turkana children as a subsidiary ministry of Share for 14 years, but in 2018 returned to an independent nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization.


Partnership with BigLife provides a methodology and process of making disciples of Jesus Christ that is so simple and biblically sound. This teaches missionaries to make disciples who are trained to turn around and make disciples of others.

Tyndale House Foundation

Thank you to Tyndale House Foundation, who partners with Share to make a difference and share the Gospel in Turkana.

International Cooperating Ministries

International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) partners with Share International to help in funding the construction of the Block Centers in Turkanaland.


Trailhead  International Builders (TIB) partners with Share International to construct multi-purpose structures in strategic Block Centers in Turkanaland. The structures are utilized primarily as worship and training centers.

World Mission

A huge THANK YOU to our partners for teaming with us to spread the Gospel throughout Turkanaland!