Toposa Outreach Update – May 2024

 In Toposa Outreach Updates

The Gospel of Christ is continuing to spread throughout Toposaland, South Sudan. The Toposa Missionary Team revisited 45 villages in May and shared the Gospel in 25 new villages with 88 people accepting Christ as Savior! Another 33 Audio Bibles, 3 hard-copy Bibles, and 14 DMM Bookmarks were distributed to believers.

There are now 115 Champions discipling 1,047 believers in 73 villages! The Team continues to visit and train these Champions on a weekly basis. This keeps them very busy! The Team is very thankful for their motorbikes, making it possible for them travel from village to village. As their circle of reached villages grows, it becomes crucial to have well-trained Champions and Evangelists remain in the reached villages to continue the work that they have started.

A Champion leading an Bible Discovery session as the group listens to the Audio Bible

TOI Coordinator, Jackson Erus, and Evangelist John Aponi visiting a Lighthouse in Penypeny Village

Evangelist John Aponi leading a time of worship in a village

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!

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