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March 2022

“So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers..”
– Acts 16:5
    During the last week of February, the SHARE Staff in Lodwar joined with the Zone Motivators and planted a church in Kaalem Village, Kachoda Zone. They held open-air meetings, screened The Jesus Film, DMM training, and Ministry teachings to men, women, young men, young women, & children. Additionally, The Jesus Film was screened in 3 of the surrounding villages. The people responded positively to the Gospel message, and 215 people gave their lives to Christ. Over 900 people in this area heard the Gospel message over the course of the week.
    Three leaders were trained to become Champions, and 6 new believers joined a Lighthouse. There are now 20 Champions leading 20 Lighthouses with 120 disciples attending in Kachoda Zone. More Audio Bibles are needed to aid the new disciples in hearing the Word of God in their own tongue on a daily basis.
    The seven new Evangelists in Kachoda Zone are going to be focusing their ministry to the identified unreached villages. The goal is that all the villages in the zone will be reached with the Gospel by 2026.
    There are now ten churches planted in Kachoda by the six SHARE Motivators in the Zone and the SHARE staff from Lodwar. Approximately 2,185 members attend services in these churches weekly. In February, 287 people accepted Christ, and 262 believers were baptized in Kachoda Zone! Check out the photos below from the recent church plant in Kaalem Village.
The SHARE Team having morning devotions outside the DMM Center in Kachoda Zone.
Day 3 of holding open-air meetings during church planting outreach
SHARE Staffer, Jacktan Etabo, praying for those who accepted Christ
SHARE Staffer, Mary Esinyen, teaching the DMM Methodology to the new Champions and Evangelists.
    The women of Turkana remain a dominant force in the church in Turkana. Currently there are over 68,000 women attending church! Over 9,000 of these same women are also in Lighthouses, and 810 are leading other women as Champions. Attendance has increased in the churches because the women are doing homestead-to-homestead evangelism. In February, 1,084 women accepted Christ, 146 were baptized, and another 681 men, youth, and children made a decision to follow Christ when a woman in the village shared the Gospel with them.
    It is hard for the women to regularly attend church while their families are suffering because of drought and famine. They leave their homes and migrate with their families and flocks to find water and food. Another hardship is the struggle in the southern borders of Turkana where there is unrest from other tribes that are stealing livestock and threatening families. The women also struggle with holding onto the traditional beliefs which have been engrained in them since childhood. In spite of these challenges, they are continuing to grow in their faith and share their God Stories with others.
Women’s Coordinator, Sarah Esekon, teaching the women the DMM Curriculum in Kaalem Village, Kachoda Zone
    The Toposa Outreach Initiative (TOI) Team visited 19 villages in February, sharing the Gospel, screening The Jesus Film, and discipling new believers. They have found that the Toposa people are thirsty to hear God’s Word and want to learn more. Thirty people accepted Christ in February! The team is currently traveling and spending time in these 19 villages so that they can continue to teach these new believers. They have identified 15 believers that are committed to spending time sharing their newfound faith and are discipling them using the DMM methodology. These 15 believers will become Champions of Lighthouses.
    The Team has handed out Audio Bibles and DMM Bookmarks to some of the new believers who have a desire to share their newfound faith with their fellow villagers. They will continue to screen The Jesus Film in the villages and live with the people, loving them like Jesus would. They request more DMM tools, especially Audio Bibles and another projector.
    Watch the video testimony below to hear from one of the new believers.

TOI Missionaries preparing to screen The Jesus Film

Missionary Peter Ekiru sharing the Gospel with the children in Kop Village

Villagers listening to the Audio Bible

    Mary Esinyen, the SHARE Children’s Ministry Coordinator, was privileged to visit an Early Childhood Development Education class in Kangipusia Village in Kachoda Zone. Under the tutorship of Simon Aromung, nearly 200 children gathered to learn to speak English and lessons from the Bible. The children were very excited to be learning to read and write and speak in English! Mary was very surprised to hear the children answering the questions that Simon asked in English! The children have classes outside as there is no building nearby. But that is soon to change as soon as the Sending Center is erected!
Land for the Next-Gen Sending Centers has been donated by villagers in Napusiki, Kangipusia, Nakoros, and Locher-angerengo villages. Paperwork is almost complete for the center in Kangipusia and surveying has begun for two of the other three centers. Continue to pray for this endeavor.

Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, listening to the children learn their lessons in
Kangipusia Village under the 
tutelage of Simon Aromung

Community land allocation to SHARE by villagers in Nakaros Village for the construction of a Sending Center


  •  More and more are coming to Christ through Lighthouses as they hear the message on the Audio Bible (Romans 10:17) and through believers sharing the Gospel using the DMM Methodology
  • Continued commitment and dedication of SHARE staff, Motivators, and Champions
  • The Toposa people are a peaceful social people; they have welcomed our 15 missionaries
  • For the donors providing the necessary tools to reach the Toposa people



  • More Adult Literacy Classes and Early Childhood Schools are needed in Turkana and Toposa
  • That kidnapping of young girls in Toposa – along the South Sudan-Ethiopian border – would stop
  • Motivators to grow spiritually strong and healthy congregations and Lighthouses
  • Establishment of solid DMM Lighthouses and Champions in Toposa
  • Moderate rainfall to eradicate prevalent drought and famine
  • Drilling of clean drinking water boreholes and relief for starving masses throughout Turkana and Toposa
  • Safe delivery of TOI Missionary Anjelina Napem’s baby


We at SHARE thank you for allowing the Lord to use you through your prayers and/or financial support for this ministry in 2021. Thank you for helping us reach our 1st Quarter Goal. Together, let’s eagerly anticipate witnessing God do even greater things in 2022 in Turkanaland, Toposaland, and through the Next-Gen Initiative. We are confident He will as we continue to stay focused on the very purpose for which He sent His Son – “to save sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15). With our unwavering commitment to see that happen all-the-more, we invite you to join with us in raising the budget of KShs.19,000,000/$190,000 for the 2nd Quarter of 2022.

You may reach Sammy, SHARE Founder, at 318-243-4243 or or Dalmas, SHARE Director, at +254-711565644 or

We also request you to consider sponsoring one or more of our Motivators that are in need of support at $2,400/KShs.240,000 per year (or $200/KShs.20,000 per month). You can sign up to support one here.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!


Boys are first given goats and sheep to take care of; then they
graduate to looking after the cattle when they become of age.



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