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April 2022

“It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known.”
– Romans 15:20

  In March, the SHARE Team traveled to Loalony Village in Nakiria Zone. They spent 4 days in the area; screening The Jesus Film in several nearby villages; holding open-air meetings; and teaching the 3-Walk, 3-Circles, and 3-Stones methods to each age group (Men, Women, Young Men, Young Women, and Children).

    As a result of this outreach, 179 villagers accepted Christ, and 44 believers were baptized. It was encouraging to see the men of the village accept Christ and eager to learn how to share their faith with others. The Team worked with the area Motivators and planted a church in Loalony Village! This church will be under the leadership of Monitor Joseph Ewalan.
    There are now 33 churches in this zone serving 1,658 members. In March, 244 villagers accepted Christ, and 86 believers were baptized. There are now 43 Champions leading 46 Lighthouses with 257 disciples attending. Pray for the people in this region, as Lighthouses are diminishing as people are migrating in search of food and water due to the drought. The people are praising God for the new church that was planted. In addition, 5 new Champions were trained, 4 more Lighthouses were started, and 3 new evangelists were added in the Zone.
Monitor Joseph Ewalan praying for the men who received Christ during the church plant in Loalony Village, Nakiria Zone
Monitor Joseph Ewalan teaching the men using the DMM Methodology during the church plant
Baptizing new believers in Laolony Village
The men in Turkana are slowly coming to faith and making it their own. Approximately 801 men are attending church regularly; 630 of those men are being discipled in a Lighthouse; and 340 are Champions of their own Lighthouse. Attendance is increasing as more come to know Christ. In March, 16 men accepted Christ, and 5 were baptized. It still is a challenge for men to come to Christ, as they are grounded in their traditions and practices. Many men struggle with consuming alcohol and chewing tobacco.
On March 15th the SHARE Team traveled about 75 miles from Lodwar to Ageles Village in Kalemng’orok Zone to plant a church. Ageles Village has about 214 households and a population of 1,500. The area Monitor, Johnson Ewoi and Champion, Eliya Nabwel Eonyot, had met with the village elders before the Team arrived, and they were receptive to the Team coming.
During the 2-day visit, the Team met with the village elders, held open-air meetings, screened The Jesus Film, and held group ministry teachings. About 118 villagers watched The Jesus Flim, 260 attended the open-air meetings, 146 attended the ministry teachings, and 69 attended the first worship service! A total of 86 villagers accepted Christ. Champion Eliya will continue to minister to this congregation under the tutelage of Monitor Johnson Ewoi. Pray for these new believers that they will continue to grow in their Christian faith.
    After the ministry teachings, the Team prepared porridge and distributed it to children along with milk. Milk was also given to mothers.
A village elder welcoming the SHARE Team
Monitor Johnson Ewoi’s wife, Ruth Logialan, teaching the women using the DMM curriculum
The Toposa Outreach Initiative (TOI) Team visited 24 villages in March, sharing the Gospel, screening The Jesus Film, and discipling new believers. They continue to experience that the Toposa people are thirsty to hear God’s Word and want to learn more. Thirty-eight people accepted Christ in March! The team is currently traveling and spending about 1 week in each of these 24 villages, so that they can continue to teach these new believers. The villagers have built huts for them to stay in while they minister in the village (see photo below). They have identified 37 believers in these villages that are committed to sharing their newfound faith and making disciples using the DMM methodology. They have handed out 55 Audio Bibles in the Toposa language and 1 DMM Bookmark. No baptisms were done, as there is no available water. They are praying for some rain to come soon both for nourishment and baptisms.
    Last month, Missionary Anjelina Napem gave birth to a child and is now on maternity leave. Missionaries Stephen Lobolia and William Mario Boniface Esekon are both ill and have returned to Turkana to recover. Missionary John Eipa’s mother is seriously ill and has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, so he has traveled back to help take care of her. All are planning on being back in the field as soon as possible.

The house built for the missionaries to stay in while they minister in the village

Missionary Alfred Morulem sharing an Audio Bible with the older men in the village

Missionary Amos Erot Ekaale sharing the Gospel message with the family that hosted him in Choroi Village

The Lord continues to amaze us! Yes, He is speaking loud and clear about His calling for SHARE to continue with commitment to partner with like-minded ministries to accomplish His purpose of reaching the yet-to-be-reached people-groups with the simple Gospel message of our Risen Lord. And the realization of the Next-Gen Initiative vision is about to begin with earnest. Hallelujah!
    Here is what the Lord has been accomplishing to that end through His servants in Turkanaland and here in the U.S.:
  – The construction crew for the very first of the 14 Sending Centers will embark on the project in Kangipusia Village, Kachoda Zone on Friday, April 22nd. It was supposed to start Wednesday, but there is acute shortage of fuel in Kenya right now (and Turkanaland is gravely affected because of distance from sources). The second crew will embark on construction in Lomilmil Village (a few kilometers from Napusiki Village) sometime in May.
  – Land surveying has begun by the government officials in Kalobeyei Zone for the Sending Centers in Lochor-Angerengo Village and Nakoros Village. The people from these villages are excited about the Sending Center being built in their communities and the possibilities that they represent. Each village has the challenge of having clean drinking water available and Lomilmil and Nakoros villages face a second challenge as the roads to the villages become impassable when it rains.
  – A church in the U.S. has now funded 5 of the 14, another ministry has funded 3, and an individual donor has funded 1. Now, just in the past couple of days, the same church and another ministry have committed to jointly provide matching donations (50% each) to build all the remaining 5 centers, with the ministry committing to the final 14th building. Amazing!
    This is God’s doing, and it’s pleasing to our eyes (Ps. 118:23). These centers will impact the Gospel in Kenya and beyond. We are so thankful for the generosity and commitment of these parties to ensure all the centers are built and the Next-Gen Initiative becomes a reality in the course of 2022! To God be all the glory!

This is the children’s current place of learning

The government official surveying the land for the new Sending Center in Nakoros Village


  • The church plant in Loalony Village, Nakiria Zone and for all those that came to Christ
  • Continued commitment and dedication of SHARE staff, Motivators, and Champions
  • For the donors providing the necessary tools to reach the Toposa people
  •  For the openness that the Toposa people have to the TOI Missionaries living with them and sharing to Gospel message
  • Safe delivery of TOI Missionary Anjelina Napem’s baby
  • The construction of the Sending Center in Kangipusia Village has begun!


  • More Adult Literacy Classes and Early Childhood Schools are needed in Turkana and Toposa
  • That kidnapping of young girls in Toposa, along the South Sudan-Ethiopian border, would stop
  • Motivators to grow spiritually strong and healthy congregations and Lighthouses
  • Establishment of solid DMM Lighthouses and Champions in Toposa
  • Moderate rainfall to eradicate prevalent drought and famine
  • Drilling boreholes of clean drinking water and relief for starving masses throughout Turkana and Toposa
  • Healing for TOI Missionaries Stephen Lobilia and William Mario Boniface Esekon who are ill
  • Peace between the Turkana and the Pokot people


We at SHARE thank you for allowing the Lord to use you through your prayers and/or financial support for this ministry in 2021. Thank you for helping us reach our 1st Quarter Goal. Together, let’s eagerly anticipate witnessing God do even greater things in 2022 in Turkanaland, Toposaland, and through the Next-Gen Initiative. We are confident He will as we continue to stay focused on the very purpose for which He sent His Son – “to save sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15). With our unwavering commitment to see that happen all-the-more, we invite you to join with us in raising the budget of KShs.16,305,200/$163,052 for the 2nd Quarter of 2022.

You may reach Sammy, SHARE Founder, at 318-243-4243 or or Dalmas, SHARE Director, at +254-711565644 or

We also request you to consider sponsoring one or more of our Motivators that are in need of support at $2,400/KShs.240,000 per year (or $200/KShs.20,000 per month). You can sign up to support one here.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!


The Toposa traditionally believe in the existence of a supreme being and the spirits of departed ones. They pray and make sacrifices, using a medium. Chiefs, sub-chiefs, medicine men, and witchdoctors all wield administrative and spiritual power. They believe chiefs are nearer to God by virtue of their wisdom.



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