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February 2022



In this edition of The SEED we will not be focusing on a specific zone in Turkana as the Team is in the process of surveying, evangelism, DMM Training, and possibly planting a church in Kachoda Zone. Be watching for the March SEED for the update!
“Assemble the people—men, women and children, and the foreigners residing in your towns—so they can listen and learn to fear the Lord your God and follow carefully all the words of this law.”

– Deuteronomy 31:12

Below are some of the statistics from the 2021 ShareNet Report; the impact that sharing the Gospel of Christ had in Turkana in 2021.
  • 95 new villages reached with the Gospel
  • 50 churches planted
  • 67 villages screened The Jesus Film
    • 12,273 in attendance
    • 4,128 accepted Christ
    • 1,154 believers baptized
  • 117 new Lighthouses established
  • 121 new Champions trained
   Evangelism throughout Turkana has accelerated tremendously. However, there are still 195 identified unreached villages that have not heard the Gospel message. The Motivators and churches throughout Turkana are making this their priority, that ALL hear the Gospel message! In Turkanaland there are now:
  • 503 churches
  • 119 trained and supported indigenous Motivators
  • 10 evangelists
  • 543 Lighthouses
  • 540 Champions
  • 3,399 Disciples enrolled in a Lighthouse
 In the 4th quarter of 2021 alone The Jesus Film was shown in twenty-seven villages in six different zones. Here are some results from these screenings:
  • Nakiria Zone
    • 14 villages reached with 2,054 in attendance
    • 526 saved and 15 baptized
  • Chokchok Zone
    • 7 villages reached with 1,329 in attendance
    • 145 saved and 33 baptized
  • Lorugum Zone
    • 2 villages reached with 566 in attendance
    • 85 saved and 59 baptized
  • Katapakin Zone
    • 2 villages reached with 235 in attendance
    • 24 saved
  • Kalemng’orok Zone
    • 1 village reached with 300 in attendance
    • 70 saved
  • Lokori Zone
    • 1 village reached with 248 in attendance
    • 15 saved
Below are some photos from these screenings.
People raising their hands to accept Jesus as the Gospel is presented at Kadakakeny Village, Chokchok Zone
People raising their hands to accept Jesus in Nakorinyie Village, Lokori Zone after the screening
Jacktan Kachi praying for those who received Christ in Loyoro Village, Nakiria Zone after the screening

SHARE International Adult Literacy classes began in 2001 with 2 classes. At the end of that year, 23 students graduated. Today there are 30 Adult Literacy classes across Turkanaland taught by SHARE’s Adult Literacy teachers. To date 780 students have graduated from the program, and nearly 2,000 students are enrolled. No students graduated in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Attendance fluctuates as students migrate with their flocks to find food and water. Listen to Vivian’s testimony below. She is an Adult Literacy Champion through whom God is working to bring others to Christ.

 In January, the Toposa Missionary Team visited 12 villages, screening The Jesus Film, sharing the Good News, and starting the discipleship process using the DMM methodology. During this outreach, 28 people gave their lives to Christ. No one was baptized due to lack of water. The goal is to now establish DMM Lighthouses in the villages and visit them 2 times a week to encourage and train the 31 Champions that have been identified. Planning includes oral Bible discovery sessions, establishing DMM Lighthouses, sharing DMM resources (Audio Bibles, DMM bookmarks, hard-copy Bibles, and DMM curriculum), and encouraging the new believers to tell their stories to others, to pray and listen to God’s Word on the Audio Bible. A total of 115 Audio Bibles were handed out along with 15 DMM bookmarks.
   As the 15 SHARE missionaries in Toposaland continue to reach many unreached villages among the Toposa people, the long-term vision is for the Lord to call Toposa believers that our missionaries are establishing in the Faith through the DMM methodology so they too can reach the Jie people, just as the Turkana believers are now reaching the Toposa people.
   SHARE is committed to the call for collaboration and partnership with other evangelical Missions ministries serving to reach the unreached people groups in South Sudan, with our initial and primary focus being reaching the Toposa people first. It’s in that spirit that our Toposa Outreach Initiative leader, Miramoe Nickleby, joined a team of like-minded brothers from 10 different ministries to explore and carry out a survey analysis in a portion of Jie land between February 4th and 11th to see how we can best reach this people-group together. The team traversed a total of 8 villages where they were warmly welcomed by elders and spent time with them. They saw firsthand and identified dire spiritual, physical, and cognitive needs. They returned with a passion and fire to reach the Jie people with the Gospel. The survey trip gave Miramoe a bird’s eye view of the potential outreach in the future by Toposa believers as they mature in their faith.

The Team of like-minded brothers from 10 different ministries getting ready to survey the Jie land. Miramoe Nickelby is in the blue SHARE T-shirt, second on the left.

Screening The Jesus Film in Loriwo Village

Missionary Miramoe Nickleby sharing God’s Word at Kangatuny Village

The Team handed out Audio Bibles to believers at Kangatuny Village

The SHARE staff is in the process of finalizing a comprehensive curriculum to be used at the Sending Centers and registration of children and youth. They are also obtaining all the necessary paperwork from the Turkana Government to secure the land donated to SHARE by village elders in Lopusiki and Kangipusia villages where the first two Sending Centers will be built. SHARE will monitor and evaluate operation of the first two centers for a period of 4 months to ensure all is running as planned before proceeding with construction of the other 12 centers.


  •  More and more are coming to Christ through Lighthouses as they hear the message on the Audio Bible (Romans 10:17)
  • Continued commitment and dedication of SHARE staff, Motivators, and Champions
  • Encouraging outcome of the Adult Literacy Classes, enabling people to read and write
  • The warm welcome that the Toposa people have extended to the 15 SHARE missionaries




  • More Adult Literacy Classes are needed in Turkana and Toposa
  • That many will come to know Christ, resistance is evident when doing evangelism in villages where other churches exist
  • Motivators to grow spiritually strong and healthy congregations and Lighthouses
  • More men in the villages to be drawn to Christ and join Lighthouses
  • Moderate rainfall to eradicate prevalent drought and famine
  • Drilling of clean drinking water boreholes and relief for starving masses throughout Turkana and Toposa


We at SHARE thank you for allowing the Lord to use you through your prayers and/or financial support for this ministry in 2021. Together, let’s eagerly anticipate witnessing God do even greater things in 2022 in Turkanaland, Toposaland, and through the Next-Gen Initiative. We are confident He will as we continue to stay focused on the very purpose for which He sent His Son – “to save sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15). With our unwavering commitment to see that happen all-the-more, we invite you to join with us in raising the remaining budget of KShs.4,425,000/$44,250 for the 1st Quarter of 2022.

You may reach Sammy, SHARE Founder, at 318-243-4243 or or Dalmas, SHARE Director, at +254-711565644 or

We also request you to consider sponsoring one or more of our Motivators that are in need of support at $2,400/KShs.240,000 per year (or $200/KShs.20,000 per month). You can sign up to support one here.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!


The Toposa people live in Greater Kapoeta, beside the Singaita
and Lokalyen rivers, and have a ritual center at by Loyooro River.



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