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I became a servant of this Gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of His power.

Ephesians 3:7


Mini-Storm in Nayada Block – June 3rd – 7th

At the beginning of June, the SHARE staff traveled 7.5 miles to the village of Nadapal for a Mini-STORM. The primary purpose was to train discipleship methods to church leaders of the Nayada Block, so they can train others. They also evangelized and planned to plant a church nearby in Nakamane Village. They screened The Jesus Film in the Nadapal, Naurempu, and Nakamane villages. The combined population of these three villages is 8,910. A total of 800 people attended, 21 gave their lives to Christ, and 7 were baptized. A total of 153 people attended the discipleship training, including 20 SHARE-supported missionaries.

Please bring before the Lord the following requests:

– Those who gave their lives to Christ – that they may grow in their faith
– That people will be released from the grip of alcohol
– Existing barriers to be broken, so that God’s Word can spread


SHARE Staffer, Jacktan Kachi Screening The Jesus Film in Nakamane Village


Paul Emekwi Teaching Sunday School


Thirst for Healing – as told by a SHARE Team Member

In our recent outreach to the hilly village of Natesiro in the Nayada Block, we met a young woman by the name Regina Ibuya. She is the daughter of a village witch doctor, Mr. Lokuri Longirunyang. Regina had been sick for a very long time, and sought intervention of different witch doctors, but all in vain. Her father took her to a renowned witch doctor from Uganda who told them that she had been bewitched by her own mother. The young woman was astonished by the revelations of the witch doctor, which provoked her to anger. She asked her father to take back the money they paid to the witch doctor. They left the witch doctor and went home in disbelief. She could not believe that her own mother would bewitch her. She noted that the Ugandan witch doctor was fabricating lies which could lead to conflict between her and her parents.

After a while, Regina went to a nearby church in Naduat Village, where a servant of God was preaching and praying for people who presented various needs. She heard the Gospel and surrendered her life to Christ Jesus. She presented her prayer request to the Pastor, who lifted up her request to the Lord. Regina was healed from her calamities!

Her father was perplexed by the healing; he attested before us how great the Lord is. He confessed that God’s power is real, for he witnessed the healing of his daughter. He confirmed to us that what Regina testified was true. Her great testimony has led other young women to know Christ. Her testimony was a major encouragement to those baptized that day; that God is real, and everyone who believes in Him shall be saved.

Regina has become a discipler of other young women in the village. She is a staunch follower of Jesus Christ!


SHARE Staffer, Sarah Esekon (L) with the Discipleship Group in Nayada after four days of training

Church Planting in Nayada Block – June 10th – 14th

The following week, the SHARE Team traveled 60 miles to the unreached village of Lokaburu (pop. 1,600) in the Nayada Block to establish a church there. The team held open-air evangelistic meetings and screened The Jesus Film. They also distributed food to families. A total of 764 people attended the different events conducted under the shade of trees. A total of 130 people gave their lives to Christ, and 96 were baptized. There were 158 people at the very first church service in the village!

Please lift the following before the Lord in prayer:

– The new believers as they grow in their faith
– The power of Satan through witchcraft to be stopped
– Availability of clean water
– Distribution of more Treasure Audio Bibles

Food Distribution

SHARE Missionaries, Samuel Ejore & Peter Lomanat baptizing believers in the river

Sarah Esekon leading the women and young girls in a prayer of confession of faith

SHARE Missionary, Godfrey Lokaale teaching the young men the 3/3 Discipleship Methodology


Quenched Thirsts – as told by a SHARE Team member

Our team’s journey to the village of Nayanae-eking’ol was one-of-a-kind. The village is situated 35 miles north of Lodwar. There is no definite road that leads to the village. After we passed Nasiger Village, we meandered a distance of about 11 miles in a rugged terrain where only goat tracks were visible. We created our own path in the middle of nowhere.

As we made our way into the village we met shepherd boys who greeted us – “Ejoka!  nanae ng’akipi” ( “Hello! Give me some water”). Fortunately, our team had carried some extra bottles of water that we shared with them.

Upon our arrival at the village, we were warmly welcomed by the elders, women, and children. We converged for prayer and introduced ourselves, followed by orientation and briefing. The elders appreciated SHARE’s concern to reach them; they reiterated that their area had been forgotten by churches, non-governmental organizations and political leadership. They recounted to us all the dire needs of the village: lack of a church, water, health center, Early Childhood Development Education & Kindergarten, and Adult Literacy class.

The residents requested us to pray for rainfall as the top priority. We lifted the item before the Almighty God, the provider of our needs, and He answered our prayer the same night! At around 2:00am, a heavy down pour pounded the village and its environs till morning. Our tents were flooded and our beds soaked with water. There was no alternative shelter to shield us from rain, so we all squeezed in the car until morning. We covered our food with polythene tarp.

The villagers came to us in the morning and shared their joy. They said they have seen the hand of all-powerful God, who heard and answered the prayer of His servants. For the four days we were in the village, the community drew water from the nearby river. They did not have to walk the regular 6 miles to fetch water for their domestic use. We presented the Word of God to them; 20 people gave their lives to Christ and 26 were baptized. The Lord quenched both the physical and spiritual thirst for many in the village!

STORM 2019

On July 9th – 16th, the STORM team visited the villages of Katapakori, Sasak, and Nakimak, where a total of 266 people were saved, and 207 people were baptized. Glory be to the Almighty God! Look forward to learning more about what God has done on this year’s STORM in the August SEED!

2019 Annual STORM Team

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Godfrey Eregae


2007 Annual STORM Team


The Turkana people are nomadic pastoralists who keep cattle, donkeys, camels, and goats. These animals are their main source of food and wealth. The Turkana people are the second largest pastoral community in Kenya, after the Maasai people.

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