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And the Word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith.
Acts 6:7

Mini-Storm in Katapakin Block – May 13-17th

About 40 miles from Lodwar, the SHARE Team and missionaries held a mini-storm hosted at the Cornerstone Faith Assemblies Church in Katapakin Village. Besides training contextualized methods of Discipleship to the Block’s missionaries, Sunday School teachers, Adult Literacy teachers, and Church Leaders, the team also carried out evangelistic outreach (including screening The Jesus Film) and the planting of a new church. The neighboring villages who were also included in this event were Dero, Lobereta, Lokoda, and Kakimat. The population of these five villages is about 5,000 people. The 1,076 people attending the events traveled between three to eight miles to reach Katapakin.


Impact of Contextualized Big Life Discipleship Methodology in Katapakin Block: Missionary Michael Silale is the SHARE Chairman of Katapakin Block. In addition to training the BL methodology to his fellow Block missionaries, he has invited any God-fearing leaders in the Block to attend the training. One Roman Catholic priest recently accepted the invitation. “He wants to learn as well,” Michael said. The priest – Father Ekuwale – has now broken the barriers of his Parish Association by joining hands with the Evangelical pastors and missionaries to learn and spread God’s Word. He has also joined the Katapakin Pastors’ Association, an act that is against the norms of his denomination. He has become a student of Big Life Discipleship Training class. He contributes enthusiastically in the discussions and seeks to learn the truth so he can share God’s Word with those he comes across. It is amazing what God is doing!

Please bring before the Lord the following requests:

  • Water borehole to be sunk at Katapakin Center
  • Construction of a Block Center
  • More villages to be reached with the Gospel


SHARE Staffer, Sarah Esekon teaching BigLife Discipleship Method to Women in Katapakin Village

Group Photo of the Adult Literacy Teachers, Sunday School Teachers, Church Leaders, and Missionaries who attended the Training


Outreach in Nakiria Block – May 13-17th

Nabwel-Ekorot (pop. 1,500) in Nakiria Block was the target unreached village of May’s outreach. It is located about 60 miles from Lodwar. The team began by screening The Jesus Film and holding a revival meeting. During the revival meeting, the SHARE team was confronted with verbal opposition by a representative from a non-Evangelical denomination. He said the SHARE team should not establish a church in the village. However, the team continued with their meeting – praying, praising and worshiping. The man left the meeting, and just a few yards away he had an accident – he was knocked down by a motorbike. He was taken to a nearby health center for first aid. He came back the following day completely humbled. He cooperated with the SHARE team!

The team also praises God for healing a little boy who had been bewitched for 18 months. The Team prayed for him. God touched him. His health has improved significantly.

The Team ministered to 437 people; 88 people were saved and 82 were baptized.

Please lift the following before the Lord in prayer:

  • The new believers as they grow in their faith
  • The power of Satan through witchcraft and idolatry to be stifled
  • The need of clean water
  • The need for an Adult Literacy Class in this area
  • The need for Treasure Audio Bibles for the new believers
  • Missionaries in Nakiria Block as they minister to the people



Missionaries Peter Ille and Peter Ng’isanyana Baptizing Believers

SHARE Missionaries Moses Loburuk and Peter Kaaleng
Praying for Those Who Accepted Christ


Follow Up In
Ng’imeyana, Koono and Tinaa Villages
At the end of May, the SHARE Team traveled back to Kalemngorok Block to do a follow-up from the first visit there in March2019. The Team visited the villages of Ng’imeyana, Tinaa, and Koono to check how things were going and to begin training the BigLife Discipleship methodology to the new believers. A total of 313 people attended  in Ng’imeyana, 152 in Tinaa, and 75 in Koono. The new believers were very excited and receptive. They yearn to learn more from God’s Word.
One challenge was the shortage of food in the area. People were expecting the SHARE Team to bring more food, like the first time in March. Lack of food and water is a daily problem in need of much prayer.
When the SHARE Team visited Tinaa Village in March, they met Peter Loter. Peter asked the Team to pray for his family. He specifically wanted them to pray that God would bless them with a baby. The Team did. When the Team returned at the end of May, Peter was very excited to tell them that his wife had conceived and was two months pregnant! Praise to our awesome God! Peter is a reformed cattle rustler who has become a discipler of other warriors. His biggest challenge is traveling from village to village with his one leg. His other leg was amputated following a gunshot injury he suffered when he raided a village in 2017. Peter requested the Team to pray for resources so he can be fitted with a prosthetic leg. He wants to go from village to village discipling warriors.
Please lift before the Lord the following:
  • The need for an Adult Literacy Class in this area
  • The need for food and water
  • The need for more Treasure Audio Bibles
  • The local missionaries to meet the needs of the new believer

Sarah Esekon leading the group in a Turkana song before presenting the BigLife Discipleship initiative to the church in Ng’imeyana Village

Follow up in Lorugum Block

The SHARE Team visited the villages of Urum, (86 miles from Lodwar) in Lorugum Block between May 22 – 25th. They also visited the villages of Natelo and Nakwapua. A total of 369 people attended the screening of the Jesus Film in Urum and 126 were trained in Discipleship methods. A total of 95 people gave their lives to Christ. The Team donated a projector for screening The Jesus Film in the Block. That will greatly enhance their ability to share the Gospel in this area, where villagers have demonstrated great thirst for the Good News of salvation.
During their follow up visit, they stopped to see the family of a local witch doctor. The witch doctor requested the Team to return to pray for his family. The Team laid hands on the couple and prayed for salvation right away. The couple confessed Jesus as the Savior! The witch doctor, Mr. Lowoi Idere Limangole, surrendered his witchcraft charms to be burned on his compound. The Team prayed for the whole family again the following morning. They all gave their lives to Christ!
Continue to lift the following before the Lord:
  • The missionaries in this area to be diligent in spreading the Good News and discipling the new believers
  • Witchcraft and local diviners are dominant in this area.
  • Alcoholism is rampant in this area.
  • The need for an Adult Literacy Class
  • The need for more Treasure Audio Bibles
  • These people hold to traditional beliefs, which makes sharing the Gospel and its truths difficult.


Group Teaching by SHARE Staffer Stanly Lokwawi in Natelo Village

Burning the Witch Doctors Charms & Praying with his Family







Financial Stewardship:

SHARE’s financial need for 2Q is $175,599. Your donation is greatly appreciated. The SHARE Director – Sammy Murimi – is open to share at your church or small group upon invitation.

You may also mail your donation to:

SHARE International, Inc.

P.O. Box 1011

Wolfforth, TX 79382

Some of the SHARE-supported Missionaries in Katapakin Block:

Michael Silale

Joseph Ekai

Joseph Nangora

Adult Literacy Report

By the end of May, 1,448 students were enrolled in Adult Literacy classes throughout the ten blocks. The average attendance is 840 students. A total of 117 of the students assist in evangelism and spreading the Gospel; 128 have continued in advanced education, and 126 have now graduated from this program.
Please pray that God will provide more teachers for those who would like to learn to read and write but have no one to teach them.

2014 Annual STORM Team


Among the Turkana, men are traditionally responsible for looking after livestock and protecting the community in case of an attack. Women are tasked with constructing huts for their families, taking care of children, fetching firewood and water, and cooking.

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