Toposa Outreach Update – March 2024

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The Word of God continues to saturate Toposaland! In March alone, the Toposa Outreach Initiative (TOI) revisited 40 villages and shared the Gospel in 31 new villages! Through sharing the Gospel one-on-one, screening The Jesus Film, and Champions and disciples sharing their faith stories using the DMM methods, 160 people accepted Christ as Savior, and 3 were baptized! New believers are encouraged to join a nearby Lighthouse where they can grow in their faith and learn how to share the Gospel with others.

At the end of March, 7 SHARE Staffers from Lodwar traveled to Toposaland to facilitate DMM training among the TOI Team and Champions. In attendance were the 17 TOI Missionaries and Evangelists and 48 Champions! There are now 95 Champions training 916 disciples in the formed Lighthouses. The TOI Team also distributed another 107 Audio Bibles, 11 hard-copy Bibles, and 24 DMM Bookmarks.

The TOI Team will be taking a furlough and returning home to their families in Turkanaland between April 16th and May 16th. Pray that this will be a time of refreshment and encouragement for them. Also pray for safety as they travel to and from Turkanaland.

A Champion using an Audio Bible to share the Gospel in Kalominakung Village under Missionary Simon Lotabo (seated, wearing hat)

A Champion showing other women in her Lighthouse how to use the DMM bookmark to share the Gospel

Director Dalmas Esekon facilitating a group discussion during DMM training

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!

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