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May 2024

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” –  Ephesians 6:10-12

The Toposa Missionary Team and Toposa Champions continue to diligently share the Good News with the Toposa people. Within the first two weeks in April, they shared the Gospel in 34 new villages and revisited 42 villages, with 75 people accepting Christ as Savior!

The Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) is very effective among the Toposa people. To date, 99 trained Champions are discipling over 900 believers in 67 villages! They are using the solar-powered Audio Bibles, DMM Bookmarks, and hard-copy Bibles. This month they distributed 60 Audio Bibles, 26 DMM Bookmarks, and 6 hard-copy Bibles to believers!

Some of the missionaries traveled home to Turkanaland on April 15th for a 30-day furlough to spend time with their families and rest. They are now back in Toposaland.

Missionary Philip Ikaale Lokwamong having a time of prayer with a Lighthouse

This Lighthouse will soon become a full-fledged church!

Motorbikes have been a great tool for the Toposa Missionary Team, enabling outreach in more and more villages

(Est. Oct. 2023)

There are 100 pupils attending the Betenbough Moruangitak Sending Center. Their teacher is Samwel Loyok. They are learning about God’s love and memorizing John 3:16. The students speak both Turkana and Swahili. Samwel is teaching the pupils to read and write in English. They have already mastered the alphabet, can write simple words, and count to 50! Personal hygiene is also part of their curriculum. They enjoy playing games and singing. They are very happy that they have a school close by and don’t have to travel a long distance to attend anymore. Three children led others to a saving faith in Christ in April!
    This Sending Center is also used for church service on Sundays where Motivator Esther Ekiru leads a congregation of 70!

Assistant Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Peterson Lokabuk, teaching the children 

Next-Gen Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, reviewing what the children have learned


The ICM-Trailhead Kangipusia Sending Center has 256 pupils attending! The teachers, Samwel Lemuya and Michael Echwa are teaching the students to read and write in English, Turkana, and Swahili! The children have learned how to recite and write the alphabet, count to 100, read simple words, and do basic math. They are memorizing Matthew 7:7 and are learning about the love of God. Some of the students are able to share their personal testimonies.
    Due to the heavy rains in the region Mary Esinyen, Next-Gen Coordinator, was not able to get photos inside the classroom this month. However, milk was brought across the river to the children waiting on the other side, and they held class review and enjoyed milk right there by the river!

The completed Sending Centers are marked in red.


In the beginning of April, the SHARE Team traveled 130 miles north of Lodwar to Kakelae Village (pop. 1,500) in Kachoda Zone. The purpose of this trip was to meet with the village elders to seek permission to share the Gospel message and plant a church in their unreached village. They also visited the nearby villages of Eteltel (pop. 298), Kaukin-nyanga (pop. 160) and Natukutania (pop. 320) and spoke to the elders of each village, seeking permission to screen The Jesus Film in the near future. All the of the elders agreed to welcome the Team back to share the Gospel, screen the film, and plant a church.

Kachoda Zone Representative, John Ebei Lokiria (left), speaking with the “person of peace” from the village

SHARE Staff, Jacktan Kachi (right), asking the village elder in Eteltel for permission to screen The Jesus Film

The SHARE Team returned to Kachoda Zone on April 22nd as they had promised. For three days, they screened The Jesus Film in Kakelae, Eteltel, Natukutania, and Kaukin-nyanga villages. Over 300 people watched the story of Jesus, with 88 people accepting Him as Savior. The Team also did homestead-to-homestead evangelism in Kakelae Village along with gender-age appropriate ministry teaching. During the entire time, 199 people accepted Christ as Savior, and 24 were baptized! A new church was planted in Kakalae Village, with 88 people indicating that this would be their home church. Champion Emmanuel Ewesit will oversee and shepherd this church under the leadership of John Ebei Lokiria, Kachoda Zone Representative. Ten of the new converts indicated that they would like to be trained as Champions.

There are 9 active Motivators/Evangelists who oversee 18 churches and 40 Lighthouses in Kachoda Zone. In April, a total of 221 people accepted Christ in the zone! The SHARE Team has now identified another 9 unreached villages in the zone, which the Team believes will be reached in the next 1 1/2 years.

Champion Emmanuel Ewesit praying for those who accepted Christ after watching The Jesus Film

SHARE Staffer, Anna Karimojong, sharing Christ with young women

SHARE Staffer, Jackson Erus; Kachoda Zone Representative, John Ebei; and Champion Simon Arobung (rear) baptizing a new believer


– Many saved and baptized in Nyang’atomland, Toposaland, and Turkanaland in April
– Evident effectiveness of the contextualized DMM Curriculum used in teaching throughout Nyang’atomland, Toposaland, and Turkanaland
– Construction of the 11th (of 14) Sending Centers in Lomerimagal Village has been completed and the 12th has begun in Nakitoe-Akwaan Village!
– Successful outreach and church plant in Kachoda Zone in April
– Rainfall in Turkanaland
– God’s protection over all the Missionaries and Staff


– The Toposa Missionaries to be refreshed now that they have returned to Toposaland after a short furlough in Turkaland

– Continued growth of Next-Gen children, construction of the remaining 3 centers, finding qualified teachers, and provision of food and water at each of the centers

– Safety and perseverance for the Motivators in Turkanaland, Toposaland, and Nyang’atomland
– Safety for the SHARE Team as they plant a church in Lorugum Zone where there has been insecurity due to banditry by the Pokot tribe
– Families that have lost livestock and homes due to the flooding from the heavy rains
– Preparations for this year’s Short-Term Outreach & Relief Mission (STORM) trips happening in July

“WHAT Is Your WHY?”  “WHY Are You Here?”

 In his recent message at Covenant Church of Naples, Florida, our SHARE friend and STORM veteran, Dr. Robert Petterson, asked the heart-searching questions “What is your Why?”, “Why are you here?” His primary text was Philippians 3:1-11. He also made reference to 1:21. The punchline application question of the message for me was (is) “How much do I really LOVE my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ today – NOW?”. The answer to that personal question will determine what I do with my life right NOW, and until I embrace the “The Lover of My Soul” (Charles Wesley – 1707-1788) on that wonderful morn when He calls me to the eternal home He’s preparing for me. But how will I appear before Him on that day? Empty-handed? Surely, how could I possibly embrace “The Lover of My Soul” empty-handed? And what’s the most valuable “treasure” this side of heaven that I know will please Him when I present to Him? It’s that “treasure” that should be the answer to “My Why”; the answer to “Why am I here?”. It’s that for which He gave His life on Calvary. It’s PEOPLE like you and me that He died to redeem. And it’s for PEOPLE that don’t know the Lover of their souls that I must dedicate “My Life, My Love, My All” (Isaac Watts – 1674-1748) to NOW – directing them to Him. It’s because of Who He Is to me that answers “My Why” ; Why am I here NOW?

    I invite you to ponder upon Dr. Petterson’s questions with me, then follow up with another personal question: “How am I spending my time, talent, and treasure NOW?” I invite you to invest in The LOVER of (YOUR) Soul by sharing His LOVE with others by way of spreading the Gospel among those that have never heard about their LOVER. And that’s what SHARE is all about! 

Our remaining budget for 2Q is $147,527. We humbly request your continued support. Thank you SO MUCH!

– Sammy 


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!



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