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And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name
under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.
Acts 4:12


Updates from the Zones indicated in blue are featured in this newsletter.



Believers in Kalobeyei Zone have been meeting in Lighthouses to share the Word of God and testimonies and encourage each other to grow in their walk with God. Sunday morning worship services have now resumed! Motivators are now able to meet with their congregations.
  During the week, the Motivators spend time visiting with the Champions and disciples. Motivators encourage them in their faith and teach them how to share their faith and make disciples of others using the Audio Bibles and DMM bookmarks. The Jesus Film continues to draw many to Christ as well.
  There are currently 52 churches and 59 Lighthouses in Kalobeyei. That is an increase of 12 Lighthouses since July! A total of 44 new believers were added to the churches in September. No baptisms have occurred at this time due to the coronavirus restrictions.
   Motivators also hold monthly meetings with the church leaders to discuss and pray over activities of Lighthouses and to make sure that they touch the physical, social, and economic needs of the communities that they serve.


Transforming Lives of Families

  ImageMotivator James Esuron of Kalobeyei Church recently visited one of his daughter churches in the Village of Nawotom. This village is about 17 miles from the mother church. He met with one of the prominent men of the village – Ekitela Abie – who had received an Audio Bible in February when James held an outreach in the village.

   James was surprised to learn that Ekitela, used to be a well-known witch doctor in the village. He had become excited about the messages on the Audio Bible and began sharing them with his four households. All the households have accepted Christ as Savior! A total of 38 people in the village have surrendered their lives to Christ. Ekitela is requesting permission to start a Lighthouse group with himself as the Champion!
  James is planning to launch another daughter church soon in Nawotom Village. The DMM tools and methodology are effective, and the community is praising God for providing the missionary and the mission tools for sharing Christ.




    It has been difficult to minister to the children during the COVID season. Children have stayed at home. The Sunday School teachers have been working with the Motivators in their area to help with church activities in their respective areas. Currently, 31 teachers are involved as Lighthouse Champions. Two of the them have enrolled in Adult Literacy Classes. Twenty-five of them can read and have their own Bibles. They will receive Audio Bibles soon.
   Each Sunday School teacher is responsible for about 30 children, ages 4-12 years. The children are taught a lesson, then memorize a scripture verse to reinforce the lesson. They also act out a skit of the story. They are encouraged to bring a friend the following week.
    The table below shows the number of teachers in each Zone and the number of children attending Sunday School.


Construction of the Kalemng’orok Zone DMM Center is now underway!


  • We praise God for the poultry project that provides income for Kalobeyei Zone!
  • The Kenya government has announced the opening of all schools in Kenya. Pray for the students and Adult Literacy teachers as they start classes in October.
  • Many of the SHARE-planted churches don’t have buildings and face the challenges of wind and rains during worship services.
  • The villages with existing churches and DMM Lighthouses are far apart and the terrain is difficult. It takes the Motivators time to travel to each village that they are responsible for.
  • Insecurity from the neighboring tribe is increasing in some parts of the Zone as the Turkana people are constantly moving in search of water and pasture for their animals.
  • For the Sunday School teachers to have compassion and commitment to the ministry. Some are forced to leave the ministry in search of jobs in other villages to support their families.
  • Effective training of Sunday School teachers how to use the DMM Methodology with the children.


Please pray for these Motivators in Kalobeyei Zone:


James Esuron


Wilson Lopunguryei


Amos Erot

In January, SHARE established a Leadership Structure of accountability to aid in oversight of all the Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) ministries in the ten Zones across Turkanaland.
To learn more about the DMM Strategy and Leadership Structure visit


Remaining amount needed for 3Q – $87,000
Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and continued support!


We also request you to consider sponsoring one or more of the 27 Motivators that are still without support at $2,400/year. You can sign up to support one at

SHARE Director’s 2020 Walk-A-Thon

In his fundraising endeavor for the remainder of 2020, Sammy Murimi (SHARE Director) has decided to walk a total of 368 miles at 4 miles/day from October 1st to December 31st. He is looking for enough sponsors to raise at least $400,000 by December 31st. We request you to sponsor Sammy by donating any amount at or via one of the avenues listed below. Kindly indicate in the memo box that your donation is for the Walk-a-thon. Your sponsorship will go a long way to alleviate the needs of ministry for the remainder of the year – and will be greatly appreciated!


You may also mail your donation to:

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You may reach the SHARE Director – Sammy Murimi – at:

(318) 243-4243

ImageImageSTORM Team 2006 building the church shelter in Chokchok



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