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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16


Lorugum Block Mini-STORM August 8th – 11th

Villages Reached: Kakiyook, Lochor-angikalalio, Kekoroe-akwan, and Lokiriama

Total Population: 8,010

– Outreach, homestead-to-homestead
– Screening of the Jesus Film
– Church planting
– Bible teachings
– Discipleship

– Attendance: 370
– Saved: 117
– Baptized: 0, due to extreme scarcity of water

 “Mistaken Identity” 

The first day we reached the unreached village of Kekoroe-akwan, we encountered resistance and opposition from the villagers. After the long process of setting up the Jesus Film to be screened, not a single villager showed up. One of our missionaries, Moses Ngakipi chose to go around the village to find out why. When two children saw Moses, they ran into a groove in the nearby dry riverbed in fear that enemies had invaded the village.

This situation led us to go into prayer for the villagers, so that God may intervene and soften their hearts. Eventually, God gave us the idea of getting Mr. Philip Lokoyan, a man of peace in the area. When we went back to the village with Mr. Phillip, the villagers accepted us and explained why they didn’t show up the first time. They had mistaken one of our staff members as being a leader of the cult denomination from the Lokiriama town center. This time, 73 villagers attended the screening of the Jesus Film, and 24 were saved! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do any baptisms due to extreme scarcity of water, but several people are planning to be baptized whenever possible.

Prayer Requests:
– Structure for worship
– Those who gave their lives to Christ to grow in their faith
– God to intervene in the opposition of the Gospel from the witchdoctors and local diviners
– God to provide water in these villages

Woman fetching water from a well in Kekoroe-akwan Village

Screening of the Jesus Film during Lorugum Block Mini-STORM 

Nakiria Block Mini-STORM August 19th – 22nd

Villages Reached:
– Lokwar-angipirie (pop. 600)
– Wadite (pop. 320)
– Longem (pop. 1,200)
– Namakat (pop. 770)

– Discipleship teachings
– Outreach & Evangelism (including screening of the Jesus Film)
– Church Planting
– Baptisms

– Attendance: 1,933
– Saved: 270
– Baptized: 30

At our arrival to the village of Lokwar-angipirie, we had a pleasant welcome from the villagers. After settling down, we realized there was no water, firewood, cooking stones, or even a pit. We were stuck for a while until one man from the village sacrificed his shade for us to use as firewood to prepare our food. Then, a few children brought us water from Lake Turkana to help us start cooking.

In this village, we found that the screening of the Jesus Film was especially touching to the villagers. They felt they could relate to the parts of the film where Jesus calmed the storm and when he told Peter, Andrew, and James to cast their nets into the deep water for many fish; as they are fishermen on Lake Turkana who sometimes encounter the same situations. Because of this, they felt they had a friend in Jesus, and many surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Those baptized during the Nakiria Block Mini-STORM 

Return to Lorugum Block 

On August 31st, the team returned to the Kekoroe-akwan Village (Lorugum Block) to baptize those who were unable to be baptized during the Lorugum Block Mini-STORM, earlier in the month. This time, 21 people were baptized. There were showers of rain happening only at the scene of the baptisms. One woman who noticed the rain happening only in that area stated, “For sure this is God’s confirmation!”, and she then decided to be baptized. The part of the village where the team stayed the night remained dry.

Those waiting to be baptized in Kekoroe-akwan Village

Update from the Young Girls Ministry:

Financia Stewardship:

SHARE’s financial need for the remainder of 2019 is $307,000. Your donation is greatly appreciated. The SHARE Director – Sammy Murimi – is open to share at your church or small group upon invitation.

You may also mail your donation to:

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Some of SHARE’s Missionaries in the Chokchok Block:

Wilson Ekamais

Daniel Eregae

Michael Lokatur

2015 Annual STORM Team

The Turkana have maintained their traditional way of life, including dressing and traditional religion. The majority of Turkana believe in a god of skies, Akuj, whom they call upon during calamities such as droughts and disease outbreaks.

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