What Crossed Your Mind?

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What Crossed Your Mind?

I don’t know about you, but my heart was deeply moved when I saw this photograph of the ‘Newly constructed church building in Koutum Village’ in Nyang’atomland, Ethiopia, built by/with ‘sweat equity’ of new believers

Notice what they used for nails! I wonder how this would compare with your current church building, not to mention the temple built by Solomon!

My point? It’s not that the structure of a building that counts before the Lord, it’s the True Church – the Body of Christ – those souls that you see as you pierce through those rugged poles – your brothers and sisters with whom you will spend eternity.

How many more souls can we reach with the Good News of Jesus Christ; the Spoken Word that’s recorded in the local vernacular in the solar-powered Audio Bibles that SHARE is distributing among the Turkana, Toposa, and Nyang’atom people-groups? It’s that Word they hear that the Holy Spirit is using to birth faith within them (Rom. 10:17), leading them to put their faith in Christ as Savior. It’s that Living Word that the Lord has called SHARE to saturate among those tribes.

As you consider the physical looks of your church building, I encourage you to seriously consider the question our Lord (referring to the buildings of the temple) asked the disciples: “Do you see all these things? Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down” (Matthew 24:2). Then pray and consider how you could help us initiate faith among those that have never heard the Good News among the Turkana, Toposa, and Nyang’atom people-groups by providing them with the Spoken Word through the Audio Bibles at $25 each. 

Our remaining budget for 2Q is $147,527. We humbly request your continued support. Thank you SO MUCH!

– Sammy Murimi, SHARE Founder
April 2024

You may reach Sammy at sammymurimi@shareint.net.
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