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In my research on principles that govern evangelical-based partnership recently, I gleaned from the publication “Partnership: The New Direction in World Evangelism” by recognized authorities in Missions – Lorry Lutz and Luis Bush, 1990, InterVarsity Press. Lorry and Luis write,

Partnership enhances the business of each partner and offers the customers better service… These partnerships are developed through long negotiations and careful analysis of the benefits to both…. Just as secular organizations are realizing the benefits of partnerships, so are missions and churches. Tim Lewis of Frontier Missions says, ‘If we’re looking at reaching the unreached people of the world, no single organization, no matter how powerful, how muscular it might be, has the capacity to do what needs to be done without the help of other people.’

They describe partnership as “An association of two or more autonomous bodies who have formed a trusting relationship and fulfill agreed upon expectations by sharing complementary strengths and resources, to reach their mutual goal.

Share International’s revised mission statement reads: “Our mission is to equip and deploy indigenous missionaries who share the Gospel and establish disciple-making, holistic congregations throughout Turkanaland.” For Share, the underlying reason to partner with trusted organizations is to make sure we minister to the whole person while upholding spiritual nurture as of the utmost importance. Share’s partners are those with whom we have a kindred spirit and a working relationship in ministry, specifically among the Turkana people of Kenya. Such partners are committed “to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men.” (2 Cor. 8:20,21). We measure partnership with other organizations based on their compliance with our biblical doctrine, complementary giftings, ethical behavior, prayer, common, clear, measurable and achievable objectives, responsible governance and open communication, and financial accountability.

I am glad to report that, on the basis of the above criteria, Share is now partnering with the following organizations that we believe God has led to us, or us to them:

  1. Children of the Kingdom (COK) (

COK is a ministry whose mission is “To share the gospel and their very lives with children in need through the gift of sponsorship for education to equip them to be missional servants of the Kingdom”. COK has been serving the Turkana children since 1995, and as a subsidiary ministry of Share since 2003. Beginning 2018, COK will become a standalone ministry and a partner with Share.

  1. BigLife (

The Share-BigLife partnership will provide a methodology and process of making disciples of Jesus Christ that is simple and biblically sound. The methodology will be applied through our Block Strategy where believers will be taught how to make disciples who will make disciples of others (Matt. 28:19-20).

  1. ECHO (

ECHO will partner with us to facilitate development of sustainable food resources by the Turkana people using viable soils and tools. ECHO will train indigenous people who will train others through our Block Strategy.

  1. Trailhead International Builders (

TIB will partner with us to construct multi-purpose structures in strategic Block Centers in Turkanaland. The structures will be utilized primarily as worship and training centers.

Share trusts the Lord to call more organizations to partner with us to meet other physical needs among the Turkana people.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Share. We request you continue to do so, and even more, in 2018 as the Lord works with each one of us to expand His Kingdom in the hearts of thousands more in Turkanaland that are yet to hear the Good News.


I appreciate you very much! Merry Christmas!


Sammy Murimi



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