Toposa Outreach Update – November 2023

 In Toposa Outreach Updates

The Toposa Team has been very active this month; the Gospel of Christ has been spreading quickly! God has even touched the hearts of some of the witchdoctors in the area! The Team revisited 46 villages, teaching and encouraging the Champions as they lead Lighthouses. Since our October report, the Champions, Lighthouses, and Disciples that are making disciples of others have grown from 60 to 78 Champions, 60 to 78 Lighthouses, and 600 to 746 disciples, and they have expanded from 47 villages to 53!  In 2024 the Team is looking to start Sunday worship services in the villages that have multiple Lighthouses.

The Team also visited 17 new villages, screened The Jesus Film, and shared the Gospel message. In November, 126 people accepted Christ, and because there was enough water, 34 believers were baptized! The Team distributed 62 Audio Bibles, 4 hard-copy Bibles, and 31 DMM signage bookmarks.

Each team member travels a minimum of 40 miles each day to visit a single village, and they visit multiple villages each week. The closest villages are 20 miles from the field operations base. The Team has reached the villages closest to them. They will be expanding their outreach next year, traveling to villages that are 35-45 miles away.

Continue to pray for the Team in Toposa, that they would remain bold in their faith and continue diligently with the effort to reach the unreached homesteads.

A Champion sharing the Gospel message using the DMM Bookmark in Penypeny Village

Champion Lomilo Alibino sharing the Gospel with his village under the coaching of Missionary Ewoton Akiroto (standing right)

MIssionaries Joseph Lotubae and Peter Eriku Ekuwom baptizing the new believers in Penypeny Village

Missionary Peter Eriku Ekuwom having morning devotions with the people in a village

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