Toposa Outreach Update – June 2023

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JUNE 2023

In June, the Toposa Outreach Initiative (TOI) Team reached 24 new villages with the Gospel and 28 villages were revisited, resulting in 75 more people accepting Christ!  The new believers are constantly being encouraged to join a Lighthouse. Plans are in process for training more Champions to lead the increasing number of Lighthouses, which now stand at 48 in 39 villages and 480 disciples in attendance! In June, 44 Audio Bibles, 2 hard-copy Bibles, and 34 DMM bookmarks were distributed to new believers. The Team continues to visit each of the previously reached villages on a weekly basis to encourage and instruct believers in their walk with God. This is the rainy season, so roads become treacherous, making travel difficult.

    Among the dreams that the TOI Team has include:

  • Churches to be fully established in each of the reached communities
  • Adult Education classes to be initiated
  • Clean drinking water in each village
  • Next-Gen Centers established so the children can learn to read, write, and how to share their faith with others
  • Secure more DMM materials (Audio Bibles, DMM Bookmarks, The Jesus Film Projector Kits)
Missionary Ekidor Ewoton teaching Champions how to pray

Trained Champion sharing Christ with his family using the DMM Bookmark


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!



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