Toposa Outreach Update – August 2023

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August 2023

The Toposa Outreach Initiative Team had a very busy month in August. They revisited 36 villages, following up with believers and encouraging them in their walk with God, and visited 18 new villages conducting homestead-to-homestead evangelism. Missionary Phanuel Loole screened The Jesus Film in two villages. A total of 120 people accepted Christ. There was sufficient water to baptize 46 believers, all of whom were youth!

    Believers are encouraged to join Lighthouses, where they will be strengthened in their faith by listening to the Audio Bible, and they will be taught how to share their faith story with others. The Team is also working with the Champions, encouraging them to reach the lost souls in their respective villages and beyond. There are plans underway to conduct another DMM training session in the near future.

    It is still the rainy season. The Team is grateful for the rain, as it provides water for the crops and baptizing believers. However, it also means that many people are out in the fields working and not as easy to talk to. Pray for the Team to persevere in reaching those who haven’t heard the Good News and for safety as they travel.

Missionary Miramoe Nickelby Ekiru leading a Sunday Worship Service in Moru a Ngilimo Village
Missionary Ekidor Ewoton Akoroto explaining how to use the DMM Bookmark to new Champions

Missionary Ekidor Ewoton Akoroto baptizing believers in Nalemsekom Village


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!



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