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January 2024

“We were therefore buried with Him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. For if we have been united with Him in a death like His, we will certainly also be united with Him in a resurrection like His.”  – Romans 6:4&5

 In December the Spirit of God was moving in Toposaland! The Team revisited 42 villages and 18 new villages with 118 people accepting Christ and 57 believers baptized! In villages where there is not water readily available for baptism, the Team has adapted another method of baptism, as depicted in one of the photos below. Once people have accepted Christ, one of the Team’s main focus is to disciple Champions so that they can establish more Lighthouses to grow more disciples in these new villages. There are now 79 Champions discipling 755 disciples in 54 villages. They distributed 35 Audio Bibles and 24 DMM signage bookmarks. Champions are actively using them to share their faith story and God’s story with others in their villages.

The Team is grateful for the prayer support from believers near and far. Continue to pray for the Team to remain bold and firm in their mission; to persevere in spite of hardships. Pray for safety as they travel as the roads are very muddy when it rains. Pray for the Champions, that they will continue to grow in their walk with God and remain bold in sharing their faith stories with others. Pray that the ongoing internal conflict between the Toposa and other tribes in South Sudan will cease.

Missionary Ekidor Ewoton baptizing believers using water that is available

A group of new believers getting ready to be baptized

A Champion sharing the Gospel message using the Audio Bible in his village

Missionary Peter Eriku Ekuwom having morning devotions with the people in a village

Missionary James Lomudang combining sharing the Gospel and Adult Literacy

Construction of the Sending Center in Lokiding was completed in December! It is the 9th center to be completed. Five to go! Desks and student and teacher supplies will be delivered soon, and a teacher secured. Children have been on their December and January break. They will be returning to school at the end of January.
    Parents of the pupils at the Nakoros Sending Center, Kalobeyei Zone, are grateful to God for His provision of a school for their children, a water borehole, and a place of worship for believers on Sundays. Jacob Long’oli is the teacher. He teaches about 140 students Monday through Friday! One concern of the parents is that there is not a supply of food for the children when they come to school, which causes some children not to attend.
    Next-Gen Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, traveled to Nakoros to check on how things were going at the NG Center. Even though they were on break, with her coming, the pupils were eager to come back to class and recite to Mary the lessons that they had been learning this past year.

Next-Gen Coordinator, Mary Esinyen (far left), Children’s ministry assistant, Peterson Lokabuk (kneeling in front), and Zone Coordinator, Wilson Lopunguryei Rukoo (blue shirt, right), with the children at Nakoros Sending Center after they received their carton of milk

Next-Gen Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, reviewing what the students had learned

Mary also traveled to the Next-Gen Center in Namorkirionok, Kalobeyei Zone, to review what the children have learned and check on the needs of the teacher, Jeremiah Arigan. Jeremiah teaches 156 pupils! This Sending Center does not have a source of water nearby, nor a consistent source of food for the children. The parents are grateful for what God has provided for their children and for them – a school for their children and a church for the believers!

    Pray for the families in this village as there have been incidences of insecurity which has caused some of the families to move, thus decreasing school attendance.

Next-Gen Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, reviewing what the children at Namorkirionok Center have been learning

The completed Sending Centers are marked in red.

   Construction at the 10th Sending Center in Kangagetei-beru will begin soon. Many thanks to individuals, churches, and ministries that have contributed funds for these centers!

At the beginning of December a SHARE Team traveled 76 miles to Kalemng’orok Zone to survey an area for the purpose of planting a church there. The Team looked at four villages – Nalemkais (pop. 300), Padatum (pop. 375), Kaatioko (pop. 1,600),and Komusia (pop. 150). The Team met with the village elders and discussed their vision of planting a church in one of the villages. The Team and elders agreed on Nalemkais Village. The roads into the village are good, there is a good source of water nearby, and there is no security threat.

The Team returned to Nalemkais in December to plant a church. They carried out homestead-to-homestead evangelism with 8 people accepting Christ as Savior. The Jesus Film was screened in the village, as well as at two nearby villages – Katioko and Padatum. A total of 319 people were in attendance and 46 committed their lives to Christ. A total of 360 attended teaching sessions over two days, with another 7 people accepting Christ.

They also held Open-Air meetings with about 100 people attending each day and 34 baptized. Six of the new believers are being trained as Champions to lead a Lighthouse each. A new church was planted, with 84 people committing to attend on a regular basis! Motivator James Emoru will be the under-shepherd of this church. He also serves congregations in Katioko and Padatum villages.

There are 18 Motivators and Evangelists who oversee the 22 churches and 135 Lighthouses in this zone. Champions are discipling 627 disciples. That number has decreased in the past few weeks as banditry is causing people to move to safer locations. Audio Bibles and hard-copy Bibles will be distributed to about 120 Champions in this zone soon.

Motivator James Emoru beginning the meeting with prayer with the village elders in Nalemkais Village

SHARE Staffer, Jacktan Kachi, praying for the people who accepted Christ following the screening of The Jesus Film

SHARE Staffer, Simon Akuta, teaching the young men the DMM’s ‘3-Walks’ methodology

SHARE Staffer Jacktan Kachi(right) and Motivator James Emoru baptizing believers

Evangelist Samson Ewio’s Testimony

My name is Samson Ewoi, from Kalemngorok Zone. I live in Nalemkais village.

   I am so delighted because of our collaboration with the SHARE Team. The residents here have heard the Gospel of Christ, and some have watched screening of The Jesus Film. 

  Thank you so much SHARE Team for the commendable work you are doing. We are planning to baptize believers tomorrow. I am very grateful for that since many people in this village are agnostic, but all thanks to God because of giving SHARE Team wisdom and understanding to spread the Gospel of Christ.

   Moreover, I thank God because He saved my own life from the pattern of this world. I would wish the Gospel of Christ to continue in this village without relenting.”


– Many saved and baptized in Toposaland and Turkanaland in November
– Construction of the Next-Gen Center in Lokiding, Kalobeyei Zone is completed!
 – Construction of all remaining 5 Next-Gen Centers has now been funded!
– Successful fundraising in churches in 8 of the 10 zones in 2023 by Staff and Motivators
– Successful outreach and church-plant in Nalemkais Village, Kalemng’orok Zone
– Evident effectiveness of the contextualized DMM Curriculum used in teaching throughout Turkanaland, Toposaland, and Nyang’atomland
 Rain in Turkanaland & Toposaland!


– That the Toposa Missionaries will remain bold in sharing the Gospel message

– Continued growth of Next-Gen children, construction of the remaining 5 Centers, and finding qualified teachers for each of the Centers
– Availability of clean water at all 10 DMM Centers and 14 Next-Gen Sending Centers
– Motivators and Evangelists shepherding the many churches in Turkanaland and Toposaland
– Peace between the Turkana and the Pokot tribes along the Kalemng’orok and Lokori Zones’ borders
– Safe travels tor SHARE teams as they continue to follow-up with surveyed villages
– Readiness for greater outreach in 2024
Please join the entire SHARE fraternity in praising and thanking the Lord for providing all the funds to meet the 2023 budget. It happened just hours before 12 o’clock on December 31st! To God alone be all the glory. Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity and commitment to this ministry, to what the Lord is doing through His servants in the very remote villages of Turkanaland, Toposaland, and Nyang’atomland.
   Together we are now set, confident that we’ll witness the Lord do even greater things in 2024 as we continue to stay focused solely on Him and His mission! No “mission drift!”
“God is not a concept in the mind, He is a reality!”
-Timothy Keller
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” -Heb.11:1 (KJV)

– Sammy 

The remaining amount needed to meet the budget for the 1stQ of 2024 is $95,008.


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!



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