The SEED – January 2023

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January 2023

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.”
– Psalm 9:1

Thank you so much for your support in 2022. The Lord provided, and the 2022 budget has been met! All that has been accomplished could not have happened without YOU, and for that we are very grateful. We are confident that God will provide our needs for 2023 as well. 

We are looking forward to all what God has in store for us to accomplish with His guidance and help in Turkana, South Sudan, and Ethiopia in 2023. Join us on this incredible journey.

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” – Luke 6:38


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support!

Just twelve days before Christmas, the SHARE team traveled 121 miles northwest from Lodwar to Ng’amor-kirionok Village in Kalobeyei Zone. The purpose for this trip was to establish a church in this unreached village. After setting up tents, the team had morning devotions and then went into the village to meet the people. SHARE Staffer, Jacktan Kaachi, shared the purpose of their visit to the village, then preached the Gospel message. The team then divided into groups and had additional teaching time. The Jesus Film was screened that night in Ng’amor-kirionok Village and again the following night in the nearby village of Nakitong’o. The total attendance for the screenings in both villages was 333, with 39 saved. The total attendance at the DMM training was 339, with 162 saved and 57 baptized. Fifteen believers are being trained as Champions by the area Motivator, Calistus Eleyo. The new proposed Champions received Audio Bibles so that they can listen to the Word of God regularly, grow in their faith, and share the Gospel message with others.

The villagers were very grateful for the team bringing the message of salvation to their village and for planting a church there. They are eager to grow in their faith and learn more about God. They were also grateful for the food supplies that the team brought to them.

Jacktan Kaachi sharing the Gospel in Ng’amor-kirionok Village
SHARE Staffer, Anna Karimojong, sharing the Gospel with young women
Screening The Jesus Film in one of the villages
Baptizing new believers during the outreach

The church is continuing to grow in Kalobeyei Zone. Currently there are about 2,200 adults and 3,500 children attending weekly services in 72 churches. In addition to the new believers in Ng’ amor-kirionok Village, there are 368 new believers in the other churches, bringing the grand total to 569 saved and 484 believers baptized in Kalobeyei Zone in December.

Long’oloin Lucas’ Testimony – A New Believer

“My name is Long’oloin Lucas. I am a peacemaker in our area. Formerly I was a member of Legio*.  I want to change. I have now accepted Christ as my Savior and was baptized.

  I am a herder, so that means that I can not attend church every Sunday, but I will always join other church members whenever there is fellowship, even if that means it is in another village.
   If I am not able to come to church, I will make sure that I have prayed in the morning and the evening. It is my obligation now to bring friends to church and to talk to them about Christ. I will worship this God because I have accepted him. Deep down from my heart, I have accepted Him, and no turning back.”


*Legio is a sect that believes that Mary the Mother of Jesus is the mediator with God. This sect is common in Turkana.


Long’oloin Lucas getting baptized!

Currently, 6,169 young men are attending worship services with 758 of them learning how to make disciples of others throughout Turkana. A total of 361 young men are Champions of their own Lighthouses. Six young men accepted Christ as Savior, and eight were baptized in December. The increased attendance and participation from the young men in Turkana is encouraging.

SHARE Staffer, William, sharing the Gospel message with young men using the 3-Circles DMM
Young men holding up their new Audio Bibles that they will use to share the Gospel with others in their new role as Champion disciples

During Sammy’s (SHARE Founder) stay in Lodwar, Turkana in December, he was able to travel to Toposa to visit and encourage the missionaries there. Later that month, the missionaries traveled back to Kenya to spend time with their families, visit their home churches, and get their children settled in school after the break. They are now working on getting their motorcycle licenses renewed before they head back to Toposa.

Some of the SHARE Team from the Lodwar Office and Sammy Murimi upon arrival in Kapoeta (Toposaland), South Sudan

Sammy Murimi and the TOI Team sharing what God has been doing in Toposa

Construction is complete at the Wapet Sending Center! They are just awaiting their desks and supplies to begin classes inside the building. The class is now meeting in the shade of the building instead of under a tree. The children are already able to write and identify letters, read simple words, and count to 100. As soon as the books and supplies come, they will begin formal training indoors, which includes learning Bible stories, memory verses, and songs. The children are excited to begin classes in their new building.
    In December and January, desks, chairs, and supplies were delivered to the other 3 Sending Centers. At the end of January, classes will begin again, as they have been on a break.
    Praise the Lord! The process has begun for the 5th & 6th Sending Centers – in Nachumae Village and in Namorukirionok Village, Kalobeyei Zone respectively. Government officials will be coming this month to survey the land, and construction could start as early as February.

Next-Gen Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, giving milk to mothers and children that gathered at the new Sending Center in Wapet Village

(The completed Sending Centers are marked in red.)


  • The church plant in Ng’amor-kirionok Village, Kalobeyei Zone and for all those that came to Christ
  • Donors providing the necessary tools to reach the Toposa people
  • The Toposa Missionaries were able to come home and spend time with their families
  • Openness that the Toposa people have toward SHARE Missionaries
  • Completion of the Sending Center in Wapet Village
  • The 2 new Sending Centers are in process
  • Over 500 students are being taught in the 3 completed Sending Centers
  • Good health for all the SHARE Staff and Motivators/Missionaries


  • All the Motivators/Missionaries and Evangelists shepherding the many churches in Turkanaland and Toposaland
  • Champions in Turkanaland and Toposaland to establish solid DMM Lighthouses
  • Moderate rainfall in Turkanaland to eradicate prevalent drought and famine, which is forcing families to migrate away from their home churches/Lighthouses
  • Turkana young men to continue to grow in their faith and share their faith with others
  • Good health in Toposaland, as there are no health facilities nearby (Illness and increased malaria cases are high in the villages during this rainy season.)
  • Safety for the TOI Missionaries as they travel back to Toposa
  • Next-Gen ministry in Kalobeyei to increase and spread
  • Construction of the new Next-Gen Sending Centers
  • Stoppage of kidnapping of young girls in Toposa along the South Sudan-Ethiopian border
  • Deliverance for those addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Establishment of more Adult Literacy Classes and Early Childhood Schools in Turkanaland and Toposaland
  • Peace between the Turkana and the Pokot tribes along the Kalemng’orok and Lokori Zones’ borders
  • Discernment and guidance regarding expanding outreach to the largely unreached Nyang’atom people of Ethiopia
Stealing livestock from neighboring tribes is considered proof of manhood and heroism.



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