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For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11


Follow Up in Nakiria, Chokchok, and Lorugum Blocks: Nov. 11th-15th

In November, the SHARE Team traveled back to the Villages of Long’em, Sasak, Katula, and Kekoroe-akwan for a follow-up visit. They had planted churches in these villages earlier this quarter, so they went back to do more evangelism, discipleship training, and baptisms.

– Screening The Jesus Film in Long’em & Katula
– Discipleship training in all villages
– Baptisms in Long’em & Sasak

Jesus Film Attendance:
– Long’em & Katula: 717

Discipleship Training Attendance:
– Long’em & Katula: 1,072
– Sasak & Kekoroe-akwan: 36

– Long’em & Katula: 29
– Sasak & Kekoroe-akwan: 90

– Long’em & Sasak: 11

Children’s Coordinator, Mary Esinyen, teaching the children in Long’em Village


No Place to Call Home

By: Mary Esinyen, Children’s Coordinator

During our first visit to Long’em village, I met three children who had been abandoned by their parents after their parents divorced. The children had no place to call home. To survive they worked in a cafeteria in exchange for food and fetched water for the cafe owner. They had no shelter to sleep in, so they slept wherever they could find a comfortable spot.
When the SHARE Team went back to Long’em Village in November, I spotted one of the children walking half-naked in shabby clothes. I was moved with compassion. I took him to a nearby shop and bought him some new clothes. The elder brother, who was about 11 years older, was fishing in the lake with some other boys. I called him aside and asked if he would like to come with me to Lodwar where he could attend school. He rejected my request and ran away saying, “Madam, I don’t want to hear that story!” 


Sadly, there are children who have been abandoned for different reasons, and they have to fend for themselves. Please pray for the SHARE team as they continue to reach out to these children and others with the Gospel of Christ. Please pray for the missionaries, as they work to find homes for the abandoned children.


Those who were baptized in Long’em Village


SHARE Staffer, William Kanayo, teaching the Young Men in Long’em Village

ImageMissionary Moses Ngakipi leading the Men in a prayer for salvation at Kekoroe-akwan Village



November Adult Literacy Report

There are currently 30 Adult Literacy (AL) Classes in eight of the 10 Blocks, including Nayada, Lorugum, Kalobeyei, Sopel, Nakiria, Chokchok, Katapakin, and Kachoda. The attendance has increased from 917 in October to 1,087 total students in November!
– 478 AL students have graduated from their proficiency exams.
– 167 AL students are participating in Discipleship training, using the “3 Circles” methodology.
– 14 AL students have become Sunday School teachers in their local church.

– There are still many churches, both newly planted and established churches, that do not have AL Classes. Pray that teachers will become available.
– There is a lack of monitoring of the individual classes for evaluation purposes.
– Pray for more AL students to join Discipleship training.
– Pray for AL Classes to be established in Lokori Block and Kalemngorok Block.


Year in Review from Sammy Murimi

Some of SHARE’s Missionaries:

John Nang’olol – Chokchok Block


Samuel Lomarani – Lorugum Block


Daniel Tukoi – Nakiria Block


Missionary Updates

We have now added monthly updates on each missionary through October on our website. To read information about what the Lord has been doing through the missionaries visit .
Each sponsor tremendously assists in spreading the Gospel throughout Turkanaland by providing prayer and financial support to our missionaries. We currently have 27 missionaries who are in need of a sponsor. Would you consider investing in the Kingdom of God by making it possible for these missionaries to reach even more unreached villages? If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our missionaries visit .


Financial Stewardship:

Thank you so much for your donations towards our goal to raise $307,000 by yearend. Our Thermometer Fundraiser now reads $218,089 raised! $88,911 or 29% to go! We are confident the Lord will provide all before December 31st as He moves His people to give. Your donation is greatly appreciated!


You may also mail your donation to:

SHARE International, Inc.

P.O. Box 1011

Wolfforth, TX 79382


2010 Annual STORM TeamImage


Turkana County has great potential as a tourist destination. Some of the top attractions of the county include Lake Turkana, Koobi Fora, Dancing Stones of Namoratunga, and Sibiloi National Park. Turkana boasts beautiful sceneries of mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.

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