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Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.

Psalm 91:1-3

God’s Protection in The Village of Tina – as reported by the Share Staff in Lodwar

Our church planting expedition in Tina Village, Kalemngorok Block, was scary and breathtaking. Before we arrived at the village some of the Turkana warriors from Tina had raided a village in Pokot County (the neighboring tribe) and taken some calves. Tensions of a retaliatory attack were high.

There was fear and confusion in the village when we arrived. The SHARE Team sensed the fear and anxiety. We only had one hope – to turn to God, the giver and protector of life. After offering a prayer to God, the tension eased. We met with the village leaders to strategize how best to execute our mission. We braved the fear we all felt inside and screened The Jesus Film the first night. The residents of Tina recouped their hope; they became enthusiastic and felt secure in our company. Through the screening of the film, 30 people gave their lives to Jesus! The following day we went to the River Turkwel and baptized the new converts. While baptizing, a camel herder saw us on the bank of the river and asked to be baptized as well. We led him to repentance of sins and confession of faith and baptized him. We now had 31 converts!

In the morning of our second day, we attended a morning briefing by the village leaders and three witch doctors. We were seeking permission from them to evangelize house to house in the village, pray for families and over the sick and for divine protection. We happened to pray at the witch doctors’ houses. They were moved to accept Christ Jesus as Savior. They also requested to be baptized like the other converts. We took them to the river and baptized them! We saw the saving power of God manifested in the life of the people.

On the second night, the Pokot County bandits encompassed Tina Village to retaliate. Fear and anxiety again gripped our souls. There was no place to run to, the perimeter of the village was a fence made of thorns. The only thing that we could do was to pray to our God for protection. After a sincere prayer, God intervened by confusing the bandits. When they saw our vehicles, they trembled in fear. They thought these were military vehicles that may be carrying armory into the village. They retreated without firing any ammunition! We all rose up to thank God at dawn for His divine intervention. God softened the hearts of the village warriors; they guarded us throughout our activities. One warrior, a former leader of the raiding bands, accepted Christ as his Savior and was baptized. He is now a reformed person and would like to learn more so that he can share what Christ has done for him with other warriors and disciple them.

The three witch doctors and the village leaders gave testimony of what they had seen the Lord do since our arrival in Tina. We baptized people and administered Holy Communion. By God’s grace, we planted a church in Tina Village! We saw the powerful hand of God in our mission to the banditry-prone zone of Kalemngorok Block. Please continue to pray for us as we minister in this area.

We request you to lift before the Lord in prayer the following needs:

  • A spirit of violence and raids dominates this area, creating insecurity for both people and livestock. Pray for safety and peace.
  • That those who have trusted Christ will remain strong in their faith and have a desire to learn more.
  • That missionaries in these Blocks will be strengthened and encouraged as they disciple new believers.

New Converts in Tina Village

James Ewoi Giving The First  Message at The Tina Church Plant

Kachoda Block Center Preparation
On Sunday, April 7th, the church in Kachoda Block gathered to dedicate and prepare the building site for the new Block Training Center. After the dedication service, the congregation spent time preparing the ground. The church spent time clearing the ground of stones and gathering them into piles in preparation for the building process to begin. There is a lot more work to be done and money to be raised before the building is a reality. Continue to pray for this congregation as they seek to serve Christ in their community.

SHARE Celebrates 22 Years in Kenya

SHARE held its first Open House Breakfast event on March 2nd in Nairobi. Over 70 guests – friends and partners of SHARE International – graced the event.

Sammy Murimi shared the SHARE journey at the event. Other guests included Hon, John Nakara (MP Turkana Central), Dalmas Esekon, the Kenya Board, representatives from Kenya Student Christian Fellowship (KSCF), Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM), Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), Transworld Radio, Cheer-Up Program, and former Short-Term Outreach & Relief Mission (STORM) participants from Kenya.

The breakfast was also a forum to bring together some of the SHARE friends and partners in Kenya as a first step towards initiating

a more engaged prayer and support base, especially in Nairobi. The SHARE leadership spoke about the ongoing initiative towards self-sufficient and self-propagating mission through the ministry’s Decentralization and Transitioning Strategy.

There was an overwhelming pledge for support – through prayer, in kind and financially – by those in attendance.  The event brought together like-minded Christians who are passionate about Missions ministry. It was the first practica

l step towards creating new networks and partners in Nairobi and beyond. It was a great success.


Financial Stewardship:

SHARE’s financial need for 2Q is $175,599. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Please consider serving as an ambassador for the Turkana people right where God has placed you. The SHARE Director – Sammy Murimi – is open to share at your church or small group upon invitation.

You may mail your donation to:

SHARE International, Inc.

P.O. Box 1011

Wolfforth, TX 79382

Some of the SHARE-supported Missionaries in Kalemngorok Block:

Richard Esinyen

Mariko Eyanae

Joshua Njoroge

2016 Annual STORM Team

Livestock, especially zebu (humped) cattle, are very important in the Turkana culture. They serve both as a source of food (milk, meat and blood) and as a form of traditional currency used to negotiate for brides and dowry payment.

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