A Boy Named Nicholas

 In STORM Stories

STORM 2022, Team 2

There was one boy named Nicholas who participated in the kids ministry. He’s the one in the bright blue shirt with a huge smile on his face! His transformation was incredible. Initially Nicholas was a little shy, but as we all got to know each other through teaching and playing games, he really began to open up! The day Maggie asked if anyone wanted to give their lives to Christ, Nicholas was one of the first kids to stand up, and the smile on his face was absolutely wonderful! The smile that didn’t leave his face from that moment on truly spoke volumes about the joy of Christ that had entered his life! To get to be part of that was such a humbling, awe-inspiring experience. That our Creator would allow us to be a part of His great work, and that He would allow us to see the transformation He was working in these kids lives was life changing!!

– Hannah, Children’s Ministry

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