STORM-2022, Team 1, Summary

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STORM-2022 Team 1

July 5-17th

On July 6th this year, the first STORM team since summer 2019 embarked upon a trip to Kenya to share the Gospel message with the Turkana people in three villages. The majority of the team members attend Covenant Church of Naples in Florida. The team ministered to various age/gender-appropriate groups for four days in two villages – two days each – and a day in one other village using the Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) curriculum.
In previously reached Lomopus Village (Chokchok Zone; about 23 miles southeast of Lodwar), a total of 557 villagers attended the meetings, with 74 making a confession of faith in Christ as Savior. All of them were also baptized!
In the previously unreached Namon Village (Kalobeyei Zone; about 100 miles north of Lodwar), where the team conducted homestead-to-homestead evangelism and spent the night, a total of 848 villagers heard the Gospel message, with 57 accepting Christ as Savior and all baptized!
In previously reached Kakwanyang Village (about 20 miles east of Lodwar), the Gospel message was shared with 506 villagers, with a total of 77 people confessing Christ as Savior. All the new believers were also baptized!
One of the pastors on the team taught close to 200 indigenous pastor-missionaries, evangelists, and Adult Literacy teachers at the SEND Center in Lodwar for 4 days.

Ministering to Children

Ministering to Young Girls


Distribution of food in Namon Village

Pastor Bob Petterson teaching the Pastor-Missionaries at the SEND Center in Lodwar

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