Toposa Outreach Update – September 2022

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September 2022

The Gospel continues to spread among the Toposa people of South Sudan through the SHARE missionaries. In September, the missionaries shared the Gospel in 32 villages, where 82 adults put their faith in Christ as Savior, and 44 believers were baptized. A total of 50 believers have indicated a desire to become Champions; they are committed to sharing their faith with others. The missionaries are visiting and teaching/training these Champions the DMM methodology every week using the Audio Bibles, praying that they will become bolder and more confident in sharing God’s Story and their own faith with others. A total of 52 Audio Bibles, and 11 DMM signage bookmarks were distributed in September.
    The Jesus Film was screened in three villages in September as well, with over 500 people in attendance. A total of 17 villagers gave their lives to Christ and were baptized in the small pools of water that formed after the rain.
    Multiple cultural festivities remain a challenge in reaching the Champions in a timely manner as they travel to attend the events. While the rainy season is a blessing, it can also be a barrier when it makes traveling hazardous and causes increase in malaria. Another added concern is insecurity for the missionaries as they travel to the interior villages. Consumption of illicit drugs, alcohol, and chewing tobacco is still prevalent.


A proposed Champion sharing God’s story using the DMM signage bookmark


Group photo of all those baptized in Moru-angilimo Village


“Man of peace” using a SHARE DMM T-shirt to share God’s Story with the villagers