Toposa Outreach Update – August 2022

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August 2022

God’s Word continues to be proclaimed among the Toposa people of South Sudan. In August the Toposa Outreach Initiative (TOI) team shared the Gospel in 27 villages, with 47 men and women accepting Christ as Savior. Although rains came this month, there still is not enough water to baptize. The team is meeting weekly with the new believers and the 44 Champions that they have identified, encouraging them to listen to the Audio Bibles more, and share their faith story and God’s story with their friends and families. This past month, they handed out another 72 Audio Bibles and 28 DMM Bookmarks. They are working on creating Prayer Network Groups and Prayer days in the reached villages. They are also encouraging the new believers to invite others to the screening of The Jesus Film when it is shown in their village.
   The average Toposa family has about 8-11 children. That means the children outnumber the adults in each village, with hardly any formal education available. One of the perpetual challenges facing the team is the scarcity of clean drinking water in the villages. Catholicism is a major barrier to sharing the Gospel. Insecurity during travel is another challenge, especially in the inner villages as cattle rustling, child kidnapping, and robbery have been spotted in these villages. Many of the villagers are also addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs, and chewing tobacco. The TOI team is praying that as these people come to Christ they will see that they no longer need these unhealthy practices.
   The rainy season has begun, making travel unsafe and difficult. Humid and cold weather can be stressful on the team’s health. Please continue to pray for the team.
  The team is very grateful to all the donors that have provided them the supplies they need to share the Gospel with the Toposa people using the DMM materials – Audio Bibles, motorbikes, and projectors.


Missionary James Lomudang using the DMM Bookmark to share the Gospel message with some villagers


Proposed Champion (her back to the camera) sharing the Gospel message with her family


Missionaries John Eipa (right) and Phanuel Loole (center with Bible) spending the morning with a Toposa family