Toposa Outreach Update – March 2022

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MARCH 2022

The Toposa Outreach Initiative (TOI) Team visited 24 villages in March, sharing the Gospel, screening The Jesus Film, and discipling new believers. They continue to experience that the Toposa people are thirsty to hear God’s Word and want to learn more. Thirty-eight people accepted Christ in March! The team is currently traveling and spending about 1 week in each of these 24 villages, so that they can continue to teach these new believers. The villagers have built huts for them to stay in while they minister in the village (see photo below). They have identified 37 believers in these villages that are committed to sharing their newfound faith and making disciples using the DMM methodology. They have handed out 55 Audio Bibles in the Toposa language and 1 DMM Bookmark. No baptisms were done, as there is no available water. They are praying for some rain to come soon both for nourishment and baptisms.
    Last month, Missionary Anjelina Napem gave birth to a child and is now on maternity leave. Missionaries Stephen Lobolia and William Mario Boniface Esekon are both ill and have returned to Turkana to recover. Missionary John Eipa’s mother is seriously ill and has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, so he has traveled back to help take care of her. All are planning on being back in the field as soon as possible.


The house built for the missionaries to stay in while they minister in the village


Missionary Alfred Morulem sharing an Audio Bible with the older men in the village


Missionary Amos Erot Ekaale sharing the Gospel message with the family that hosted him in Choroi Village