Toposa Outreach Update – April 2022

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APRIL 2022

In April, the Toposa Outreach Initiative Team (TOI) visited 34 villages. The villagers were very receptive to the Gospel message. There has been some resistance from the Catholic Evangelists in the area, but the area sultans (chiefs) and government commissioners are addressing this. This past month, 73 people made a decision to become Christ’s followers, 19 of them after viewing The Jesus Film in 4 of the villages. No one was baptized as there is still a severe shortage of water.
   The TOI Team has identified 33 men and women of peace and are training them to be Champions and continue to work with them, training them how to use the DMM curriculum, the Audio Bible, and the DMM Bookmark. This month they have distributed 33 Audio Bibles and 11 DMM Bookmarks. The Team lives in the villages that they have reached for about a month each time, exemplifying what SHARE’s theme verse states – “sharing the Gospel and our very lives” (1 Thess 2:8).
   Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and chewing tobacco is prevalent among the Toposa people. Pray with the TOI Team, that the Gospel message will penetrate deeply, and habits would change. The local administration is also asking them to aid in providing education, clean water, and food for the children in the villages. Also pray for the security and protection of the Toposa children that are being kidnapped by the neighboring Murle tribe.


Missionary John Eipa sharing the Audio Bible with the Village Sultan (Chief)


Missionary Peter Ekiru spending time teaching the children in Paringa Village


The TOI Missionaries were able to share the Gospel message with this entire village! They are often not allowed to do this. They can usually share one on one or in small groups.
Magdalene’s Testimony
My name is Magdalene Lopir. I live in Napei-Ngoroko Village in Toposa. I used to do bad things that were not pleasing to God, like drinking alcoholic drinks brewed locally as well as engaging in fights whenever my children were in trouble or insulted by other people when I was drunk. 
    Now I am a follower of Jesus, and God has dominated my heart since I accepted His Word. I share God’s Word with my husband, my children, my mother-in-law, and my co-wife. We now live in peace and harmony. In the past we were enemies.
    When people in the village engage in fights and utter harsh words when they are drunk, I intervene. I am a person of peace because Jesus speaks through me, and He makes everything calm.