Toposa Outreach Update – January 2022

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In January, the Toposa Missionary Team visited 12 villages, screening The Jesus Film, sharing the Good News, and starting the discipleship process using the DMM methodology. During this outreach, 28 people gave their lives to Christ. No one was baptized due to lack of water. The goal is to now establish DMM Lighthouses in the villages and visit them 2 times a week to encourage and train the 31 Champions that have been identified. Planning includes oral Bible discovery sessions, establishing DMM Lighthouses, sharing DMM resources (Audio Bibles, DMM bookmarks, hard-copy Bibles, and DMM curriculum), and encouraging the new believers to tell their stories to others, to pray and listen to God’s Word on the Audio Bible. A total of 115 Audio Bibles were handed out along with 15 DMM bookmarks.
   As the 15 SHARE missionaries in Toposaland continue to reach many unreached villages among the Toposa people, the long-term vision is for the Lord to call Toposa believers that our missionaries are establishing in the Faith through the DMM methodology so they too can reach the Jie people, just as the Turkana believers are now reaching the Toposa people.
   SHARE is committed to the call for collaboration and partnership with other evangelical Missions ministries serving to reach the unreached people groups in South Sudan, with our initial and primary focus being reaching the Toposa people first. It’s in that spirit that our Toposa Outreach Initiative leader, Miramoe Nickleby, joined a team of like-minded brothers from 10 different ministries to explore and carry out a survey analysis in a portion of Jie land between February 4th and 11th to see how we can best reach this people-group together. The team traversed a total of 8 villages where they were warmly welcomed by elders and spent time with them. They saw firsthand and identified dire spiritual, physical, and cognitive needs. They returned with a passion and fire to reach the Jie people with the Gospel. The survey trip gave Miramoe a bird’s eye view of the potential outreach in the future by Toposa believers as they mature in their faith.


The Team of like-minded brothers from 10 different ministries getting ready to survey the Jie land. Miramoe Nickelby is in the blue SHARE T-shirt, second on the left.


Screening The Jesus Film in Loriwo Village


Missionary Miramoe Nickleby sharing God’s Word at Kangatuny Village


The Team handed out Audio Bibles to believers at Kangatuny Village