Toposa Outreach Update – May 2022

 In Toposa Outreach Updates

MAY 2022

In May, the Toposa Missionary Team continued sharing the Gospel and developing relationships in 33 villages. The villagers have been receptive to the Gospel and hospitable toward the missionaries. The resistance from the Catholic Evangelists in the area is being addressed by local authorities, and the missionaries have now been permitted to share the Gospel. In May, 54 people accepted Christ as Savior; 5 of them after viewing The Jesus Film in Nalemusekon Village. The rainy season has begun, but not enough to start baptizing, as there are no pools of water formed yet.
   There are 39 believers who want to become DMM Champions. The Team is training them how to use the DMM curriculum, Audio Bible, and signage bookmark. Another 46 Audio Bibles and 35 signage bookmarks were distributed to believers. The Team will continue meeting with these villages for some time – at least until congregations/Lighthouses are formed – before they move on to a new region.
   Consumption of alcohol and tobacco is still prevalent among the Toposa people. Pray with us that the Gospel will penetrate deeply, and habits would change. Other major challenges in the area include lack of schools, healthcare, and scarcity of food and water.


Proposed Champion, Martha Narii, using the signage
bookmark to tell God’s Story


Missionary Joseph Lotubae sharing the Gospel with young men