Reuben Chodokori Loyiet, Evangelist


    Region: Kalemng’orok Zone, Turkanaland, Kenya

    Village: Ikalale-akamar

    Lighthouses: 7

    Champions: 7

    Disciples: 35

    About Reuben:
    Reuben is married to Logiron Lowoton Kula. Together they have 10 children. Reuben accepted Christ as Savior in 1977. In 2022 he became a SHARE evangelist. He oversees the church in Ikalale-akamar Village located approximately 115 kilometers from Lodwar. There are about 60 members in attendance each Sunday. Reuben has also trained 7 Champions who are each leading a Lighthouse where a total of 35 disciples are learning how to make disciples of others.