Zakayo Edoot Longorok


    SHARE Missionary Since: 2022

    Region: Katapakin Zone, Turkanaland, Kenya

    Village: Lokoyo

    Champions: 2

    Lighthouses: 2

    Disciples Attending Lighthouses: 16

    About Zakayo:
    Zakayo is married to Regina Ng’asike; together they have one child named Gideon. Zakayo became a SHARE Motivator in April 2022 (replacing former Motivator Reuben Lotaparin who left the ministry for unknown reasons). Zakayo gave his life to Christ in 2015 during one of SHARE’s crusades in his village. Later he became an evangelist and volunteered in a variety of church activities. Zakayo attended Bible school and earned a certificate in church planting. He is grateful to be chosen as a SHARE Motivator and prays that God will enable him to reach many lost souls with the Gospel.

    Lokoyo Village:
    Zakayo is the lead pastor of the church in Lokoyo Village, where there are about 115 members in attendance each Sunday.