Yohana Ewoyatir Lochonga


    SHARE Missionary Since: 2021

    Region: Nakiria Zone, Turkanaland, Kenya

    Villages: Nariokotome (pop. 800),
    Kaito (pop. 500), & Nadopua (pop. 460)

    Champions: 6

    Lighthouses: 6

    Disciples: 30

    About Yohana:
    Yohana is married to Veronica Tirkol Akitela; together they have 4 children – Asukuku, Nancy, Aweet, & Ekiru. Yohana became a SHARE Motivator in 2021. He oversees 3 churches with nearly 300 members.

    Nariokotome-anam Village:
    The mother church, where Yohana is the lead pastor, is in Nariokotome-anam Village. It’s located about 140 kilometers north of Lodwar and has a population of about 800. Yohana ministers here weekly, while also visiting the daughter churches monthly. The village had been known for witchcraft and worship of idols under the control of demonic spirits in which the witchdoctors are mediums. Some of the common idols worshipped are stars, moon, mountains, charms, rivers, and the like. The villagers believe them as their source of life and protection. The main economic activity of the villagers is livestock (camels, goats, sheep, and donkeys). Some of the villagers practice agriculture during the rainy season. They plant green vegetables and sorghum.