SHARE has constructed a DMM Center in each of the 10 Zones in Turkanaland, Kenya. These buildings serve as a place for worship, discipleship training, and Adult Literacy classes.

We intend to attract more people for training and worship by drilling a water borehole at each Center. So far, we have boreholes at the Sopel, Kachoda, Nakiria, Chokchok, Lorugum, and Kalemng’orok Centers. It costs roughly $13-26K to sink a borehole, depending on the depth and geological formation.

Pray with us that the Lord will provide resources to drill boreholes at the remaining 3 Centers and that the Centers be used to bring many more to Him. Please consider making a donation toward this endeavor.

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See what the Lord is doing in each Zone through our Motivators & Staff!