Share is working on constructing a DMM Center in each of the 10 Zones in Turkanaland, Kenya. These buildings will serve as a place for worship, discipleship training, and Adult Literacy classes. Share has completed construction of 8 Centers – Nayada, Sopel, Kalobeyei, Nakiria, Kachoda, Chokchok, Kalemng’orok, and Lorugum (see map on left). We are trusting the Lord to provide funds to construct the remaining 2 Centers (Katapakin and Lokori). We invite you to make a donation toward our next Center.

We intend to attract more people for training and worship by drilling a water borehole at each Center. So far, we have boreholes at the Sopel and Kachoda Centers, and one will be sunk in Nakiria soon. It costs roughly $10-13K to sink a borehole, depending on the depth and geological formation. Pray with us that the Lord will provide resources to complete construction of the remaining Centers and that the Centers be used to bring many more to Him.

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See what the Lord is doing in each Zone through our Motivators & Staff!