The majority of the Turkana people can not read, yet they long to hear the word of God, so that they can grow in their faith. There are now Audio Bibles in the Turkana language! These devices are solar powered, so they do not require batteries or electricity.

SHARE has purchased and distributed 3,478 Audio Bibles in the remote villages of Turkanaland! The results have been phenomenal: men sitting under a tree, shepherd boys out in the desert tending their flocks, families sitting around as they prepare a meal, all listening to the Word of God. The local Motivators then follow up with the families and individuals to make sure that they are grasping what they are hearing.

Our goal is to continue to give out these Audio Bibles to the people of Turkanaland, so that they will ALL have access to the Word of God. Many have come to Christ and been baptized because of hearing the Word of God in their own language!

When a village receives just 1 Audio Bible, the families of that village take turns using it to listen to the Word of God together. It costs about $25-50 to purchase an Audio Bible. Please consider making a donation towards 1 or more Audio Bibles for the Turkana people.