SHARE began ministry in Turkana, Kenya in 1997 and initiated outreach to Toposa, South Sudan in 2021. Since then, with God’s help and the prayers and support of His people, the ministry has:

  • Reached over 60% of the 1.5M Turkana people with the Gospel
  • Led 93,508 people to faith in Christ as Savior and baptized 15,264 where water was available
  • Distributed 3,978 solar-powered Audio Bibles, 2,688 hard-copy Bibles, and 2,000 DMM signage bookmarks
  • Trained over 304 missionaries/pastors in the Bible Pathways program at the SEND Center in Lodwar
  • Trained and commissioned 232 Sunday School teachers
  • Trained, deployed, and supporting 118 Turkana missionaries (Motivators) who have planted and are actively supporting 503 churches throughout Turkanaland
  • Commissioned 15 missionaries (10 SHARE-trained, Turkana missionaries and 5 Toposa-tribe evangelists) whom God has clearly called to take the Gospel to Toposa, South Sudan
  • Established 30 Adult Literacy classes in remote villages in Turkanaland
  • Established ministries for men, women, young men, young women, and children in the SHARE-planted churches in Turkanaland
  • Established 558 DMM (Disciple-Making Movement) cell-groups, or “Lighthouses”, throughout Turkanaland

Share International grew out of the vision and inspiration of Sammy and Mary Murimi (pictured on left), Christians of Kenyan nationality. God has blessed Sammy and Mary with four children, David, Justus, Neema, and Baraka; two daughters-in-law, Stephanie and Brandy; and five grandsons – Daniel, Ezekiel, Bradyn, Moses, and Beaux.

In spring of 1978, Sammy attended a Missions Convention at the headquarters of Worldwide Evangelization Crusade’s (WEC) in Bulstrode (near London) where “Brother Andrew” (Andrew van der Bijl) was the speaker. It was at that convention that Sammy surrendered his life to the call of Missions, with no idea where that would lead.

In the summer of 1978, Sammy traveled to Birmingham, England, to visit a friend. As he watched a TV documentary by BBC on the Turkana people of Kenya, he sensed the nudge from the Lord calling him to reach the Turkana people with the Gospel.

On January 18, 1989, while studying Missions at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Illinois, the words “share the gospel… (and) our lives” by Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2:8 made a strong impression on Sammy. It was at that moment that Share International was born.