The joy of witnessing Turkana adults in remote villages read and write is almost unspeakable!

AL Prayer Points

  • Pray for more AL Classes to be established throughout Turkanaland, so many more Turkana people can learn how to read the Word of God for themselves.
  • Pray for more AL students to join Discipleship Training, so they too can make disciples of others.

Share continues to work toward reducing illiteracy in Turkanaland through the Adult Literacy (AL) ministry. AL’s ultimate purpose is to enable the Turkana people in the churches we plant to read the Bible for themselves. The joy of witnessing Turkana adults in remote villages read and write is almost unspeakable!

Share has established a total of 30 AL classes in remote villages across Turkanaland, with a total of 1,386 students attending functional classes on a weekly basis. Sessions are provided Monday through Friday – at least 3 hours each day – primarily to shepherd boys and girls. Many students receive Christ as Savior through reading of the Bible with the help of their teachers. Pronounced spiritual growth and maturity continues to be evidenced among Share-planted churches as a result. Those that have benefited from the program since its inception in 2001 are now taking leadership roles in their churches. They are reading and teaching the Bible in their own language to their own people!

Many students have successfully been mainstreamed into government-sanctioned schools, 478 of whom have graduated. Some students have obtained leadership roles in their communities. Some students have learned how to do small businesses, such as selling groceries and charcoal in the villages. Some students have been appointed to church-planting teams to help our missionaries with surveying and identifying the unreached villages in Turkanaland. 167 AL students are participating in Discipleship Class, using the “3 Circles” methodology. 14 AL students have become Sunday School teachers in their local church.

The Gospel is changing lives way out in the villages through the AL Ministry!