Ewoyatir Lochonga (Yohana)


    Zone: Nakiria

    Main Village: Nariokotome-anam

    Wife: Veronica Tirkol Akitela

    Children: Asukuku Yohana,
    Nancy Asinyen, Aweet Yohana,
    Ekiru Yohana

    # of Churches: 3

    Lighthouses: 2

    Champions: 2

    Disciples in Lighthouses: 19

    Church Progress:
    In March 2021, Ewoyatir Lochonga became a SHARE Motivator replacing former Motivator Julius Akiru. The mother church is located in Nariokotome-anam Village, where 45 members attend each week. The daughter churches are located in the remote villages of Natoo (25 kms/15.5 miles away) and Kaitoo (6 kms/3.7 miles away). Ewoyatir ministers in these 3 churches on a weekly basis and visits 4 other villages on a monthly basis to share the Word.

    Ewoyatir has established 2 Lighthouses and trained 2 Champions. There are 19 disciples attending. By use of Audio Bibles and DMM bookmarks, the disciples have led 5 people to a saving faith in Christ!

    “I’m happy and thankful to God and the SHARE brethren for the DMM training they provided to me. I now have the knowledge to evangelize more easily and can share the Word of God in the unreached areas of Turkanaland.”

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    Updates from the field:

    March 2021

    In March, Motivator Yohana ministered to his church family. Approximately 45 members met in the mother church in Nariokotome Village and 41 members met in the churches in Natoo and Kaito Villages combined. He has 2 Lighthouse Groups with 13 disciples attending. He is planning outreaches to Nayanae-kabaran and Lokapetmoe Villages (20 & 15 kms/ 12.4 & 9.3 miles) sometime this year. Yohana is grateful for the support that he receives and asks that you pray with him for water for this drought stricken region.