Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland: Week 15

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The three Monitors of Nayada Zone are James Lomor, Joseph Lobolia, and Peter Lomanat. Their mother churches are located in Kalokutanyang, Nadapal, and Nayada Villages respectively. They have also planted daughter churches in 5 remote villages (Kanyangapus, Kalopiria, Naurenpuu, Towo-mono, and Nakutan) in their areas. Among these 8 total churches are 10 Lighthouses with 50 disciples attending. The Champions and disciples are grateful that they have been taught the disciple-making methods, so they can confidently share the Gospel with the unsaved in their neighborhoods.
    Each of the Monitors plans to reach at least one additional village with the Gospel for the very first time before the end of this year. James Lomor and his team of 4 evangelists/elders plan to reach Moru-edou Village this week! They hope to lead many of the villagers to a saving faith in Christ and establish a Lighthouse there.


My name is Angeline Eipa. I live in Nakutan Village. Before I knew Christ, I was a stubborn girl. I would abandon my duty to tend to the flock and leave them unattended. I would steal money from my mother to buy mandazi (doughnuts).
    One day, I heard the Word of God being preached by Monitor Peter Lomanat in my village, and I was pleased. The Word drew me closer to Jesus, and I accepted Him. My parents were very strict, and wouldn’t let me go to the open-air meeting. Eventually, they allowed me to go to church, as long as I was home before dusk. They never trusted me out at night! The Word of God became sweeter in my heart, and I noticed changes in my life. I stopped stealing from my mother and leaving the goats unattended. I stopped all of my vices.
    I couldn’t hide my new-found faith! I shared the Gospel with my best friend, Maximilla, and 3 other girls. I have led 4 girls to Christ Jesus. The Word of God is good, and it has transformed me. All of my sins of the past have been washed away.



  • Fast delivery of Audio Bibles, hard-copy Bibles, and bookmarks to Lighthouses
  • Strength for the Monitors in sharing the Gospel in the remaining unreached villages in their area
  • Church members to participate in giving to the ministry
  • Lighthouses and disciples to continue to multiply, especially in the daughter churches that do not yet have any


  • Lighthouses are thriving!
  • Share-planted churches are regaining growth momentum as COVID restrictions are being lifted.



  • Continued spiritual growth and courage in the disciples throughout Turkanaland
  • Successful construction of Kalemng’orok Zone DMM Center beginning this week



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