Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland: Week 1

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We invite you to read our new segment – “Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland” – each week. The purpose of this segment is to keep you informed about the amazing things the Lord is doing throughout the 10 Zones of Turkanaland and guide you in prayer for the ministry. We believe prayer is powerful! We hope you will take to heart these real-life stories from Turkanaland, and join us in praise and prayer each week. Your involvement makes it possible for the Turkana people to hear the Gospel, grow in their faith, and become disciples who make disciples of others. THANK YOU! 


WEEK OF JUNE 1st, 2020


    Multiplication of disciples is evident in Lokori Zone. People continue to practice the discipleship methods they have been taught. There are now 19 Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) cell-groups, or “Lighthouses”, in Lokori Zone, each with a leader, or “Champion”. That is six more cell-groups since April! Six disciples (two from Nakorinya Village and four from Kang’itit Village) in the cell-groups have successfully led 11 others to faith in Christ!
    The Motivators and Champions in Lokori Zone are grateful to the Lord for providing a new motorbike, which allows them to visit their cell-groups in remote villages throughout the Zone more swiftly and easily. This means of transportation has played a major role in the increase of Lighthouses.




Champion Elijah Liwan, Kalapata VillageImage

Elijah has continued to meet with his cell-groups, despite intimidation from local enforcement. Chiefs and Health Officers in the area are giving stern orders that the villagers not meet. As Elijah observes the COVID-19 restrictions, he continues to encourage the disciples in his two cell-groups and others spiritually. He has four and eight disciples in each group, respectively, who continue to grow and practice what they learn.





  • Provision of food as hunger prevails during these restrictive times.
  • Champion Michael Nakorot’s family following the loss of their 9-year-old son in a drowning accident while caring for their animals.
  • Provision of water borehole for Nakwakaal Village residents, especially with the current travel restrictions.



  • Motivators throughout Turkanaland are grateful that the number of cell-groups and disciples are continuing to increase during this pandemic.
  • In May, 108 people gave their lives to Chrsit in Turkanaland and 306 joined cell-groups!
  • The community of Kalemngorok Zone donated 20 acres of land to Share to construct a DMM Center!
  • Kachoda Zone Monitor, Peter Ewoton, was able to receive treatment after suffering from Hepatitis B. He is recovering and on his way home from the hospital. He is grateful to his sponsors in the U.S. for providing the funds needed for his treatment.
  • One coronavirus case has been reported in Turkanaland. Pray that the Lord will prevent the virus from spreading any further.
  • Cholera outbreaks have recently been reported in Turkanaland. Pray that the Lord will heal those suffering and prevent the disease from spreading to others.
  • Invasion of locusts has continued to ravish pastures in parts of Turkanaland. Pray that the Lord will intervene.
  • Hunger is looming in Turkanaland. Public distribution of food has been banned for the time being. Pastoralists are unable to travel to search for food and water. Pray that the Lord will provide for those who are starving.


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