Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland: 9/13

 In Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2021


More than 10,000 children attend Sunday School in the SHARE-planted churches throughout Turkanaland under the leadership of 253 Sunday School teachers! Below are testimonies from two Sunday School children. The first one is Abenyo Engole, a 9-year-old girl in Kadaku-ngimoe Village, Kalobeyei Zone. Her Sunday School teacher stated that she is very active in the class and has never missed a day of church. The second testimony is Mitchelle Ajore Ewoi, a 13-year-old girl in Nadwat Village, Kalobeyei Zone.


Abenyo Engole’s TestimonyImage
When the church started meeting in our village, we didn’t know what it was and didn’t want to go near it. When my father would take our animals to look for grass, he would pass by the church, but he never paid it any attention. He focused on looking after the animals. Then one day, my father told me to go to church, but I was afraid. On the following Sunday, he held my hand and walked me to church. I was impressed with the way the children were singing and dancing. The next Sunday, I was the first child to arrive at church. Since then, I have never missed a day of church. I am still the only one in my family that goes. My parents and siblings are not interested in attending.
Mitchelle Ajore Ewoi’s TestimonyImage
God has protected me since I was a small child. I never thought I would make it this far, but God’s grace has kept me. I thank God that I am alive today. My Sunday School teacher is Jenifer Taita, and my pastor is Paul Edapal. My friends Brenda and Blessing invited me to attend church with them. I was excited to join Sunday School. The teacher has taught us from the Word of God; to obey our parents and elders. I am very eager to go each week to hear and learn more. I desire to invite my other friends to come to Sunday School with me so they can hear the Word of God.

A child being baptized during the new church plant in Locher-elim Village, Lorugum Zone




    – Continued spiritual growth of Sunday School children in Turkanaland
    – Successful drilling for water in Chokchok Zone!
    – Good health of all SHARE staff






    – More families of Sunday School children to join church
    – More Turkana children to have the opportunity to attend school and church
    – Protection and healing for the Turkana people from COVID and malaria
    – God’s favor and protection for the 7 missionaries who have now entered Toposa






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