Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland: 6/21

 In Praises & Petitions from Turkanaland

JUNE 21st, 2021


ImageWhen the SHARE Team in Turkanaland is strategizing where to share the Gospel message, and where next to plant a church, they begin with earnest prayer for discernment. They ask for God to direct them to a village that has not heard the Gospel. At the moment, SHARE has identified and is targeting to reach at least 250 unreached villages in Turkanaland!

When the SHARE Motivators reach the village, they seek and meet with “persons of peace” (Matt. 10:11; Lk. 10:6) then seek permission to enter the village and share the Gospel. A person of peace could be a witchdoctor! Once permission is granted, the team travels and sets up camp in the village, where they may stay for a few days. They traverse the village the first day, going homestead-to-homestead, praying for the people, and inviting them to come and view The Jesus Film that evening. After the screening, the Gospel is presented. Those present are invited to accept God’s gift of salvation.

The next day, new believers are baptized if water is available. A new church plant is inaugurated! One of the SHARE Motivators that lives in the area adopts this new church plant and begins meeting with the believers regularly, having church services, discipling the new believers, training Champions, starting Lighthouses, all-the-while shepherding other existing congregations under his care!

ImageThis process happened among four villages in Kachoda Zone in June. Monitor John Ebei Lokiria had done research and found that Lokumai (pop. 525), Lokalale-akwan (pop. 410), Kopotea (pop. 400), and Karioreng (pop. 300) villages did not have a church. He met with the persons of peace in all four villages (see photo on left). It was decided that the best location for a church plant was Lokumai Village and that The Jesus Film would be shown in all the villages. John met with the area Motivators and discussed the DMM training that needed to happen in the area. Motivators are to start the church planting process on June 21st and complete it in a week. Please be in prayer for this team.


Image– Four previously unreached villages are being reached with the Gospel this month in Kachoda Zone!






Image– The Holy Spirit will thwart the forces of witchcraft prevalent in the area of the new church plant
– Availability of water in Turkana
– Security along the border of Turkana and Ethiopia
– Cessation of deviant denominational doctrines
– Cessation of COVID 19





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