Peter Lonyait Lotio


    Wife: Agnes Nasekon Lonyait

    Children: Paul, Faith,
    Ruth, Bernard, & Abednego

    Zone: Kalemng’orok

    Villages: Simailele & Kekosowan

    # of Churches: 2

    Total Members: 70

    Lighthouses: 3

    Champions: 3

    Disciples in Lighthouses: 15

    In October 2021, Peter became a SHARE Motivator replacing James Lomudang Eregae who is now part of the Toposa Missionary Team. Peter had been assisting James in the ministry for a while – teaching Sunday School, preaching in the daughter church, leading a Lighthouse, and even teaching Adult Literacy. He plans to reach 2 more villages with the Gospel in 2022 – Loitanit & Aregae.





    In March, Motivator Peter ministered in both churches. About 30 members attended each Sunday in the mother church, and 22 attended in the daughter church. There are 3 Lighthouses where 15 disciples are learning how to make disciples of others.


    In February, Motivator Peter ministered to his church families. About 51 believers met weekly in the mother church for worship and teaching and 39 believers met in the daughter church in Kekosowan Village this month. Peter is grateful to SHARE International for the support that he receives and asks that you pray with him for strength to walk from village to village and for the church leaders and members, especially those that are needing to migrate to find food and water.