Enos Longoli Lomorukai


    Wife: Sarah Epem

    Children: Loter, Natan,
    Koriye, Kiteli,
    Nateleng’, Lomodo

    Zone: Lorugum

    Main Village: Sasak

    # of Churches: 2

    Total Members: 188

    Lighthouses: 1

    Champions: 1

    Disciples in Lighthouses: 13

    Among those in Sasak Village, Lorugum Block that attended teachings by the STORM Men’s Team in 2019 was an evangelist named Enos Lomorukai. He walked many kilometers from another village to hear God’s Word. He got very excited when he heard the Word of God in his own language from the Turkana Audio Bible that the team was using to teach. That evening the team visited the homesteads of the residents of the village. As the team walked back to their camp, Enos pursued Sammy accompanied by one of the Share-supported missionaries. He pleaded with Sammy to provide him with an Audio Bible. Sammy asked him to share his testimony with him first, then with the entire STORM team. To view Enos’ video testimony visit shareint.org/enos-testimony.

    “I thank God for helping me come to know the Share International brethren, so as we partner to serve the Lord Jesus Christ at the Lorugum Zone DMM Center. May the Lord our God bless you as we partner in God’s vineyard.”